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Hi guys,
I never thought I would be someone who gets addicted to watching porn or masturbating. I used to always brag about not having the ability to get addicted as I lose interest pretty quick. In the last year or so I found myself watching porn and masturbating at least three times each week. At first, it was on my days off from work, to kill boredom and blow off steam.
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Hi Guys,
So I used to spend a lot of time on youtube because work got boring and we had limited access to a lot of websites Youtube being the best and the most interesting one.
 I started watching a lot of vlogs, some I watched before and started paying more attention to since I had eight hours to kill. Don't get me wrong I still do my job and go above my daily target each day. 
Let's start with the newest on the list which is also my fav:


Hi Guys,  So I'm a bit pissed off about missing a wedding, well not because I missed the party since I've been very anti-social for the last couple of weeks. I'm pissed off I paid a hundred euros for the Aso Ebi, got it made in Nigeria and sent to London.  I missed the wedding because my Visa did not arrive on time, so now I'm stuck with another Aso Ebi I will never wear. 
For those who do not know Aso Ebi is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.
So when Nigerians home and abroad have parties a fabric is picked for friends and family or people attending a party, usually is not compulsory to buy but some people take it to heart and hold malice against you for not buying. They see you as not supporting them and others see you as broke. Since October I've spent approximately four hundred euros buying and sewing Aso Ebi, I was not able to …


Hi Guys,

I have a confession.
I masturbate and it is becoming something I do often which scares me.

 I also think I'm addicted to watching porn.


I think I'm slowly falling into depression, but then I don't want to call it depression if I'm having a few rough nights. It will be a slap in the face to those who suffer from it.
But how do I explain sleepless nights, terrible mood swings and constantly over thinking and feeling like I'm failing in life. The constant need to quit my job even though i can't afford to go without a job. It's easy when you see it in movies where a person just give a huge fuck off to their job , walk away without looking back. I didn't really think of the effect the job is having on me , sitting all day, staring at a computer screen with not enough shit to keep my brain active. But hey the things we do for survival, I get angry at myself and blame myself a lot for not working harder at a younger age and taking necessary steps to secure the so called bag. Now I'm stuck at a job I dislike and I'm still not over the rejection from the last time I applied for jobs I'm…


"God will punish you', I shouted as I tried to chase the man who robbed me" "E no go better for you ', I am fighting a battle I know I’m not going to win, but I hate being cheated, I settled on the train tracks to catch my breath, a few minutes before the train passes. A small crowd  gathered the nosy bastards who have nothing better to do on a Monday morning, I look up from after a few minutes, I have no choice, a pair of over-bleached feet appeared beside me. The sight of someone's skin bearing a striking resemblance to over roasted plantain nearly made me regurgitate the contents of my stomach. "How far now? she asked putting her hands on my waist.


I had a very interesting conversation with a young man who is a student in one of the top universities in Nigeria, a  devout Christian who lives his life for Christ. A virgin at the age of twenty one who believes others should follow his steps and stay away from premarital sex.

 A few weeks ago I noticed a tweet about abstinence so I clicked the profile and noticed I was following and he also followed, however, his tweets didn't stand out to me until I saw the one about all people do on twitter is talking about sex which is not entirely true but I got his point.  His Bio Conservative Christain stood out and I knew the reason why he was tweeting about abstinence.