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 I'm slowly transitioning from a cleavage bearing, alcohol sipping Muslim woman to a full-time hijabi.  Where do I start from? I've always wanted to be a hijabi but I didn't have the courage to do it, I admired Muslim women in their scarves and hijab, I gave it a go in Uni, tied a turban for a few weeks and I got bored and ditched it.  Told myself I will pick it up when I get married, I still need enough time to flaunt my locs, bare my chest and wear dresses with slits going above my knees.  I enjoyed sipping cocktails, drinking champagne and mostly Jack Daniels and coke, I quit alcohol a few times, the longest I went without alcohol was 12 months. I'm not an alcoholic, I go months without drinking on the regs,. especially when I'm in Dublin, but I need booze to survive in Lagos. A few shots once I get home from the airport, then Star Radler or Snapp before noon, this continues until I leave the city.  My motto was " I can't be sober in Lagos". 
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 Hi Guys, I'm officially in my late twenties, well late twenties start at 26, I'm counting from 27 because that's 3 years from 30 and 3 years is a long time.  I am a day older, my 27th birthday was yesterday the 1st of December. I was expecting sadness, I had it all planned in my head, get a hotel, a bottle of Prosecco, some Chinese and sushi have a lovely bubble bath, pray and cry myself to sleep.  Unfortunately, thing's did not go as planned and I'm not mad at it. 


 Do not believe what you see on the internet... Fighting for my life as type this, by fighting for my life, I mean my stomach and mouth are on fire.  My nose is running and I'm screaming for pain.  Why ????????????????   Two nights ago I saw a tweet where someone was hyping how delicious Ramen is and how it is way better than Indomine.  Curiosity killed the cat they said, well I am a 94kg, 5'2 26 years old cat in human form.  I jumped on Amazon, checked out a few brands, picked one, during my quest of finding the one with the cheapest shipping, I accidentally subscribed for Prime... Oops


 Hi guys,  It is 3:28 am but I can't sleep, sipping a cup of tea and waiting for a batch of coconut buns in the oven.  YES!!! I am baking at this time.  Fight me!! Thought so.  I am usually up at this time studying for exams but my brain was not hacking the books tonight so I decided to take a break and watch Netflix but I could not get the coconut buns out of my head.  The words " The Devil you know" popped into my head while mixing the dry ingredients of my buns, not them buns you sickos. 


 Hi guys,  Back again! I don't have the energy for blogging these days, but here is a quick update on my life. My relationship of four years ended over the summer, I am somewhat glad it ended but also sad because he was the love of life, well until I meet the next guy.  I've been single for almost five months and I can say I am not heartbroken or into the ex so I have no problem moving on and getting into it with another man. Operation finding "Mr Right". Every guy I talk or get close to remind me of why I stayed in my previous relationship even though it was tough and I was unhappy at times, it was easier to stay knowing his flaws and shortcomings while hoping and praying for better. 


Hi guys, How are you doing? Life is being a bitch lately, I'm sitting home, unemployed, broke and gaining mad weight. YAY!!! My last post was about quitting my job which I did in the last week of November, I hopped on a plane the day after to spend a month in Lagos. Was super excited to see my boyfriend, had plans to attend concerts and slay the entire month. The big man upstairs was probably rolling around laughing at what he and the universe had planned for me. Spent the first night at my boyfriends, left the next morning to get my hair and nails done, finished and the man picked me up from mine, we talked about where to go for my birthday. Twenty minutes after making birthday plans, we stepped out of the car for groceries at the supermarket and a rental truck came out of nowhere and pinned us against two parked cars. We were stuck between the cars for a few minutes before people were able to move the truck, that was the scariest moment of my life, my life flashed before


Hi guys, I'm not going to give a silly apology for being away for so long or promise to write more often. I'm currently going through it, I simply don't know how to live my life anymore and I am sick of everything. My job is driving me insane and I feel like I'm getting sucked into a dark hole and I'm finding it hard to crawl out.  I handed in my notice two weeks ago so I have two weeks and a few days left at work and hello joblessness.  For some weird reason, I put the day of my twenty-sixth birthday as my last day, I don't know why I did this maybe as some new age new me bullshit but I guess I'll find out as time comes. I'm very unhappy right now, I feel like I'm not living but merely existing and I'm losing my head, not put me in a straitjacket type but not completely sane either. My plan for the next few weeks is to go to Lagos, see the boyfriend talk about our plans for our future, study for the FE1's which I've been putting