Friday, 6 June 2014

Letter to my lover.

Hey mister,
The first time I met you I felt nothing, I slept with you not because I wanted to but because I thought it was what you wanted or it was what I was good for . But then you treated me differently , you made love  me and it was beautiful . I didnt start feeling anything till the 6th time we met, then I started craving for your attention .

I started loving you and eventually I was in love with you. I was a lost soul , but  without knowing you helped me in discovering myself, you are more than a just a boyfriend , you are like the brother I never had, a mentor, even though we are both two different people.

I know I was stupid having something do with someone else not because I wanted to but because that shallow little girl was still there , and it broke my heart that I hurt and il do anything to make it right . In the last two years u have made me stronger, more intelligent and helped me start up that strong woman I need to be to have a succesful future .

When things ended I felt betrayed not because you didn't want me but because I thought it was going go last forever and  I wanted to make you proud , I didn't know what do without you but i learned to breathe . Tbh in the last 9 months not a day goes by without the thought of you. 
               From , 
                 The girl you stole her heart.

Still blogging with my phone, sorry for the inconvenience. 

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