Monday, 19 May 2014

New Beginnings.

Hi guys I’m back and hopefully for good this time, I find it very hard to continue blogging but since school is over for me till September I might as well give it another shot. Honestly I do not know why I created a blog in the first place, but it does sound nice calling yourself a blogger.
I am Rukayat Omobola Owolabi and I am a blogger! Sounds cool enough don’t you think?
Fresh out of College with a degree, well almost, I have to re-sit my company law exam after I blanked out in the exam hall, effing painful but hey it happens. I cannot graduate with a 2:1 because I messed, so I have to settle for what I get because it’s what I deserve , but I shall work my ass of next year to complete my degree.
I have four months off for the summer , and it looks like a lifetime, but this summer I’ve decided to change and make a list of what to do before the end of summer, so here it is;
·       Blog more often.
·       Improve my grammar.
·       Start a weight loss journey (Lose 15kgs, I weight 90kgs atm and the curves are starting to disappear, that is so not sexy )
·       Learn more French.
·       Continue the natural hair journey.
·       Pass company law.
·       Get a job ( my mum is already complaining about me not having a job, don’t blame her, I can cripple a person’s bank account)

That is all I can think of for now and there is a new driver on the road. Beep!! Beep!!! And a big Thank You to Thelma Thinks for mentioning me on her blog. 


  1. Can cripplee a persons bank account. Only u Ruki ;)

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