Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mothers Do Not Get Enough Respect !

So a few days ago I saw a video on YouTube where a boy hits his mother, insults her, pulls her wig off in a public supermarket .The mother simply retaliates by beating him and cursing at him, while this was happening, another child who looks older than the boy, watched and played with her wig.
Comments followed blaming the mother for bring him up wrong, because of the way she retaliated. I simply cannot understand how a mother could go wrong and diminish her responsibilities as a mother to deserve a cruel treatment from her so called child.
 Does society make it right for a child no matter what age to hit or insult their parent? 
Also the rapper Young QC who killed his mother to benefit from her insurance, he was helped by other to do this. This is another example of a mother who gets no respect from her child after showing love and affection. Don't get me wrong parents have fall outs with their children, but there should be a boundary, I bite my tongue to refrain from saying things I will regret in the heat of the moment, it’s about been respectful and responsible.
 A classmate back in high school used to boast about how she used to treat her mother like a slave, calling how a bitch, that is disgraceful.
 Mother's are worth more than anything in the world and should be respected even when they are wrong, fathers also, it just seem like it’s the women who suffers most in these cases ad most children are scared of their fathers.

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