Monday, 6 March 2017


Hi guys,
 Six more weeks to go then lectures are over. This is going to be a short post as I spent most of the week in the hospital . Did not have my car as the brakes failed on Sunday

Saturday, 25 February 2017


Hi guys,
This weeks has been a busy one from the start. I'm going to try to go into more details on how my week by separating the days. Hopeful the posts don't get boring.
I got into a bit of trouble with student services for having multiple piercings on my ears, I smiled at the lady and she let me in. We finished criminal litigation early and I was excited to go home early only to remember Tuesday was the deadline given to complete medicals.

 I assumed I didn't have to do it since I was not staying on campus, students are very fond of leaving things until last minute so the second the lecturer announced the end of class I didn't wait to thumbprint. Walked to the clinic as fast as I could, completed the process in 45 minutes and went back to thumbprint at ICT, I took my medical card as proof to show I wasn't ditching lectures. Got home before 4.

Long day , civil litigation takes a lot of time and the lectures always have stories to tell but they are quite funny, we have a lecturer who rarely finishes his sentence.
 We finished class at half 5 due to certain reasons, the head of academics had to address the class on the behavior of some students , people bullying their roommates one leading to physical injury which I was a witness to.
 The school management kept reminding us we had the same attitude as the 2013/2014 set which ended in mass failure where 60 percent failed their bar finals and they have threatened to descend on us heavily.

We were also addressed by a past student who got first class in civil and won the first prize in civil law but graduated with a 2:1 even though the lecturers expected a first class in all his papers. He told us about the mistakes he made and how that affected the rest of his papers.

The chairman of the Student Representative Council talked to the class begging for everyone to cooperate as the conduct of one person can affect the entire class.

I attended a group meeting which started and hour late and ended with an argument because people didn't want to queue to in order to sign the attendance sheet. Got home late, too tired to revise or study for the next day.

Long ass day, we did billing in property law practice, all i know is basic maths. We had to count in the millions then do division and fraction. To most people that might be easy but I'm terrible when it comes to maths all I know are my timetables, additions and subtractions .
We were given formulas for transactions and we have to choose what scale each fell under, a lot of number but I survived. We will get the scale in the exam all we have to do is decide on the formula to use.

Met with my group mentor, told her abut my issues with the group leader and she gave a solution, not before she gave a nice lecture about my earrings and how a lot of people would want to judge me because of it.
She also told me a story about a girl who had a piercing under her tongue and she didn't allow her  dine because of it and she had to take out the piercings and the girls father was glad and very thankful.

Nothing special, corporate law practice. Go bored went on to lunch with a new friend who worked close to the law school, very funny smart guy, Mr steal your girl. .

 Restaurants in Nigeria are over hyped and over priced , I don't mind paying a lot for food as long as its worth it, I ordered chicken parmesan and spaghetti and he ordered american breakfast.
 We were served bread while waiting, smelt nice but it was old microwaved bread, I don't trust people who warm any sort of pastry.
 Food came after 30 minutes, my spaghetti and cheese was cold, the chicken had too much flour and was over fried it was accompanied with stale cold garlic bread.
His breakfast was a slice of bread cut into two, sausage and scrambled eggs .

Was disappointed but couldn't complain because I got free food. Waited outside until class ended, talked to a few people I've never talked to even though I seen them around since Bar I and will probably not talk to them again until I'm stuck outside the auditorium.
Class finished at four, stayed back to talk to a few people then my car refused to start, had to call the same guy who took me out for lunch to help out. Thanks Wale!
Had no plans staying back for group meeting, got a message the meeting was cancelled when I was almost home

Every week I ask myself is it really worth it before getting out of bed.
The class managed to piss a lecturer off, the guy walked off while teaching, I left during break with no intentions of coming back until lectures ended. We had yet another speech from the SRC chairman who I think is too calm for the group but ah well.
Stopped to buy some Materials to sew more outfits for school.


Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hi guys,
This week has been hectic, the lecturers are starting to take group meeting serious, 63 members in a group got queried for not attending group meetings.
On Tuesday I stayed back after lectures for two hours because the meeting for scheduled for 6pm after waiting for two hours, I waited till half 7 only to find out the meeting was cancelled. I was so pissed off, got stuck in traffic on the way home and didn't get in until 9.
 I gave the group leader a piece of my mind the next day and as usual he gave him attitude.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

WEEK 10/11

Hi guys,
I've been so busy barely have time for myself.
Nothing special has been happening, from lectures to remedial. It's been hectic, thank God remedial ended in week 11 so we are back to the usual long days.
Lecturers going on for as long as they want.

I attended my fist group meeting on Sunday, spent a hour in the wrong group meeting only to realize my group was on the ground floor, so i had to spend another hour listening to the same presentation.

My group leader is a bit of c**t, people let little power get into their heads. I told him I didn't stay on campus and it would be stressful if i waited until 6pm for meeting if class end at 2 or 4. I would also face heavy traffic on the way home and might not get home until 9 all he did was tell me to move to the hostel or get an executive room. I don't mind doing the work or any extra work as long as i'm participating.
I really don't have much to say, just glad the long days are over. Week 12 coming up soon.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


This is going to be a short one,
Remedial classes started on Monday and are to run for the six weeks for students who started late. We end lectures before two, its very interesting to know we can finish between half one and two pm but lectures are stretched to keep us busy.

The classes are not bad , they move very fast and we finish at half six most days but they are stating to get boring because we are on Week 5 which is the week I start. Its nerve wrecking having to sit through it and not been able to because I have to thumb print.
 Nothing special happened during the week , missed a day because I had a graduation to attend my 25 per cent is slowly reducing .

Friday, 27 January 2017

WEEK 7/8

Hi Guys ,
Happy New Year !
I was not able to do a post on week 7 last so I will combine week 7 and 8 together then do an update on week 8 at the end of the week .
Hope you all have a great Christmas?

Still going to school from home because I simply can not do the five or six in a room and ten to twelve people to a bathroom/toilet thingy.
No I don't think I'm better than everyone, I'm not used to living in such conditions and I find the price for Executive hostel expensive so coming from home is the cheapest option.
The traffic is not that bad but I have to hang around after lectures when I have group meetings which I'm yet to attend hope I don't get into trouble.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Week 6

It's the sixth week of Law school but my second week. I attended my first law dinner and also wrote my first surprise "Snap Test" which are given randomly to snap your brain .

I finished registration on Wednesday and was told there was a possibility I would be dinning the next day, the school has set ground rules student have to comply with in order to dine.
*Court shoes or flats , no patents or suede's allowed just leather, no bows or designs of any sort. Males had to wear shoes with soles.
*Suits: Skirts, white shirt , black dress and blazer for females and trousers for males. No skinny ties allowed.
*Females had to be on their natural hair, no weaves, braids or plaits allowed. No nails or eyelashes and small stud earrings.

Those who didn't comply with the rules were sent back to change, people were told to cut their nails, remove the designs on shoes. Some had to take of their false lashes.
I fixed my nails on Sunday and really gutted I had to dissolve them after three days. I had to borrow a blazer that was too small to button and shoes that were two sizes bigger than my feet.
Dinner was a three course meal with chicken pepper soup as starter, fried rice, coleslaw, moi moi and chicken for main then ice cream for dessert. The food wasn't bad , would give them a 6/10.
Members of the Body of Benchers were also present at the dinner, a lot of people who came late didn't get seats so they have to wait until next year in order to dine.

I decided to take Friday off but that only lasted an hour before my seat partner called to tell me the lecturer announced we have a snap test in the next hour and attendance was mandatory. I got ready as fast as I could and got to VI before it started. We were having a mentoring session with the set of 1991 before the test and it was great hearing from people who took the Bar Exam before I was born.

The test was for all five courses lasting three hours, I am yet to attend Ethics lecture but I was able to attempt most of the questions, Property was the best . We had small chops and cocktails after the exam courtesy of the alumni.
We are currently on break for Christmas until January, I'm off to Dublin in  a few days.