Sunday, 8 July 2018


Have you ever been away from your significant other for so long that a simple compliment from the opposite sex will send tremors to part of  you body it should not ?

Well this is the story of my life right now, I've been away from zaddy for almost four months and my body is starting to crack under pressure. I've been celibate for months before but this is very different, imagine been with someone who knows what your body body wants and how to please you for two years then moving to a different county because adulting is a scam.

This guy on twitter slid into my DM last week after I a replied his comment about power because I thought it was funny and I was about to say the same thing. He followed me and I followed back because social media is about getting to know all sorts of people.
Drops a message asking where I lived a few hours after which I replied. Fortunately and unfortunately I was in London visiting family for two nights and he lived in London. He was nice telling me to be careful because London is more dangerous, didn't hear back till he messaged the next morning asking of my plans.
This was a bit awkward at the time because I didn't even know his name, he was a bit flirty in the message, but he was been a nice guy talking a lot of sense. In my head I'm making a new friend who I can chill with  whenever I'm in the city. We talk for a bit, the he starts asking about my experiences, at that point I felt it was appropriate to tell him I'm in a serious relationship.

He took it very well and said he wasn't looking for friendship and I thought that was the end, he came back a few minutes later dropped a few line and that was when the hoe in me kicked into action. He sent a few pictures, my man looks better but when Satan is trying to lay foundation in you life, he comes from every angle you can imagine. He dropped a few X-rated pictures and Lord have mercy, I felt a few tingles you know where. Kept going on about what he would do to me, I contemplated going to see him for a few minutes, scratch that fifteen minutes. Then we talked about meeting on my next visit.

A few hours after the veil lifted and I realized I was dickmatized by just pictures. It was a very close call and I'm not sure if I would have kept it together if we meet up.



Hi everyone,

So there is this gist going around work about a girl I started working with, basically saying she is a cheerful giver and had sex with at least three different guys since we started.
We have only been at the company for six weeks , two of the six weeks we spent training and barely interacting with any of the people on the floor.
The entire floor has been gossiping about it, calling her loose and easy, one of the black girls over heard one of the team leads talking about it and she felt bad, so she told one of the black girls I'm friends with at work about not knowing whether or not to tell her.

I noticed the girl was a bit too close for comfort with some of the guys in the office but I felt I wasn't minding my business, so i just ignored. I'm not close to her so I really cannot say anything to her, I went to uni with her sister but we were not friend and we've only had one or two conversations.

I feel really sorry for her because she has been away and is yet to hear the rumors. The saying "Do not s**t where you eat " applies here because once she hears the rumors she might start feeling uncomfortable.
I pride myself on not having any thing to do with anyone at school or at work because when things start to go sour, one person starts to feel bad and just screws everything up  I had a thing with a staff a few years ago, guy started catching feeling and I wasn't about that life, it just better to avoid the drama.

Have you ever had a relationship or a one night stand with someone at work ?


Sunday, 17 June 2018


Hi guys,
So i started my new job last Tuesday and it has been great. Got the job a few weeks ago but the start date was weeks after the job offer.
I really can't say much about my job description or what I do, due to privacy requirement of the company I work for I had to sign a lot of non disclosure agreement, even during the interview.

The job allow a lot of opportunity to grow with the company, therefore there are lots of opportunity to move up the ladder.
So far I've been on training for the last two weeks, a lot of information overload, having to learn company policies to use when working, how and when to apply them .
There is also a huge staff support, people help each other with problems and work related issues, there are team leader to help , there is also a group huddle at the end of each day to discuss daily progress.

I also had to adapt to a weird bus schedule with had a me walking almost an hour each day, but i figured it out yesterday.

I can also wear what I want which is the best part of the job, now having to wear office clothes or uncomfortable shoes.

The hardest part of the job for me would be adapting to the shift,  having to adapt to new sleep schedule.

Sunday, 13 May 2018


Hi guys,
I finally got a job, after eight weeks of trying and over a hundred online applications.
I spent a lot of time applying for legal jobs and kept getting turned down, this affected my morale, after a while, I gave up on finding a legal job and switched to finding an entry level job that will put money in my account and also keep me busy.

I got an email from a company scheduling a phone interview which went well until I was turned down at the third stage. This really got to me as they made me feel I was going to get the job, I had my hopes up and stopped searching for other jobs.

After I got the rejection email, I picked myself up and went to turn up at a wedding, I ended up spending the night beside an acquaintance from college who told me about the company where he works and also informed me that they are always recruiting. He sent me the links on Monday and I got a call on Tuesday asking me to come in for an interview on Thursday of the next week, which was three days ago.
The interview went really well, and I was offered the job an hour after the meeting, at that moment I felt a huge weight off my shoulders, first thing I did was text my boyfriend who has been a sport the entire time.

My start date is June and I am very excited, the company seems like a great one. How ever its not a nine to five job so I'm a bit skeptical on how I am going to adapt once the shifts start.
There is also no strict dress code, anything that involves casual dressing has me sold.

Just wanted to update you guys on whats going on about my job search.

My younger sister who I did a post on has been in the hospital and the doctors do not have good news, so I am depending on my faith and prayers for her to get better.
Hopefully I start writing short stories soon.
I am very excited for Ramadan this year, no boyfriend to distract me, this is going to be my best one so far.


Wednesday, 4 April 2018


It's four am and I am having issues sleeping, I've been like this for the last seven day and its affecting me mentally , my mind wanders to dark corner it shouldn't. The fact that i am currently unemployed and not getting any replies from the jobs I applied for is not making it better .

I spent most of my life as a student trying to get enough qualifications before I hit thirty, which I think is starting to look like a bad idea. I have my degree's and I am hundred percent ready for the employment market but no one wants to hire me because I have no experience. I spent a few months interning during the summer but I'm guessing that's not enough.

I moved back to Dublin almost three weeks ago because this is my home, I lived here for twelve years before going back to Nigeria for law school. Stayed back for a few months after the call because my boyfriend lives there and I wasn't about to throw the entire relationship out of the window.

I decided to put NYSC on hold as I was not mentally ready and I also heard about the shitty pay new wigs get. I am simply not about that life, so i decided to help my dad with his business but I started getting bored.

Packed my bags and came back to Dublin, so far I've applied for over fifty jobs, one rejection, bank account blocked because I didn't operate it for so long running out of money and sleeping on my aunts futon till I sort myself out.

I am frustrated but I am hopeful something will turn up. 


Sunday, 7 January 2018


Everyone who knows me, knows how much I hate getting my hair done.
I went natural in 2013 but a hair stylist in Abuja convinced me to perm it, I continued doing that for a year then I went back natural in 2014.
I've been natural for over two years but maintaining it has been very stressful, so I decided to get dreads but I was too scared to give it a go. I waited until after law school and I finally grew the balls I needed to get my hair locked today 07/01/2018.
It took almost five hours of rolling, crocheting and twisting but it looks somehow similar to having dreads, my head hurts like crazy, the lady who did it trimmed a lot of my hair.
I've always been skeptical about getting my hair locked, because I didn't was it looking too short and sticking out on different ends, however that was how it came out.
Hopefully it grows faster.
I feel kinda weird, so I would stick to wigs and scarves until it looks better.


Thursday, 4 January 2018


Hi Guys,
Happy New Year!
I don't think I have ever been away for this long, but I've been so busy and adulting is a task and half.
I made it through law school Thank God, passed my exams and was called to the Nigerian Bar last month, the entire journey was an emotional and nerve wrecking. I remember the sleepless nights, drinking red bull and coffee just to stay awake, feeling guilty for sleeping.
I graduated with a pass, although I didn't see the breakdown of my result, I was happy I didn't have to resit any paper, I known people who didn't make and have to resit in April.
Life has been the same, struggling with my faith as usual, insomnia, weight issue, boyfriend drama but I hope I get to write more this year. This is just a quick update.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


I had plans for the two weeks break, had it all planned out in my head, study, work out, stay the F away from carbs and sugar. All I did was sleep, eat carbs and stock up on sugar, I feel like a failure, well not entirely but I'm the real definition of a waste man, Didn't realize how tired I was until I started taking naps during the day yet not finding it difficult to sleep at night.

We started our externship . Yay!
My posting got changed to Igbosere, got the email while I was in Ikeja High Court, I love criminal litigation, practicing in Nigeria doesn't look that bad. The Judge heard 16 cases, some which were for arraignment but the accused person's did not show up.
It's a complete different ball game, been there watching everything we were thought in class being put into practice .

Commercial is not as exciting as criminal but , I like the court. The judge hears cases on Land, landlord and tenant, general civil.  breach of contract and some corporate issues. She does case management conference on Thursdays , although she doesn't sit on Mondays, which gives us the opportunity to go courts in another division.

I take notes in a journal , however I' yet to transfer them to my log book, should do that later in the week.