Wednesday, 4 November 2015


This is the 7th week since I started my final year and all I can say is I'm on a roll, my mojo is fully back but I can't wait  to finally graduate so I can move on to the next chapter in my life. Hopefully a positive one. I had a mock exam yesterday and it went well, I'm spending more time in the library to get my notes together and work on assignments. I've spent more time in the library in the last 7 weeks that I have in the last years, I used to have the study when you have to approach but not anymore.

I found my calling, we started Intellectual Property in commercial law yesterday and I was in love before the end of the class, its very interesting and there is also such a high demand for it so I did a bit of research and I am happy with what I found. 
I didn't really know what to my masters on but I found myself checking masters programme online and I'm so excited, I can't wait.

It's official I am Phat, I looked at pictures on my Dropbox from two years ago and I wanted to cry, I looked a lot slimmer its so obvious you can tell how much weight i gained from my cheeks alone. Everything it a lot bigger, I'm trying to be healthier these days, going on wetabix, salad and fruit diets till I get bored but I had a plate of fried rice today I couldn't resist. 

I'm itching for a new piercing, I don t want any more on my ear, I have 6 on my right ear and I want something new and exciting, I'm thinking of a septum piercing but everyone seems to have it these days , I get piercings because they excite me and I enjoy the thrill I get from anticipating the pain. Weird right ?? Well I never said I was normal. 


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