Saturday, 21 June 2014

Story so far.

Swear the world cup has me feeling some type of way, I really want Ghana to win , they play very well better than Nigeria and they deserve to go far in the tournament. I am Nigerian call me a traitor but theyway we played the last match me might be on the next flight home.
I don't know when I became a football fan , I guess that's what happen when you date some one who lives and breathes footie, I find myself checking up match times, looking up scores online when other are watching the t.v. I scream unnecessarily, my legs start making making moves I simply cannot explain , Football is indeed a beautiful game. This is not a football post, so what if it is ?

In other news, my weight loss is going well , slow but I am getting there , I am down 2kgs Hurray !!!. I've been eating a lot of crap in the last few weeks, so that explains why I lost just two 2kgs with the way I work out. I spend over an hour exercising, roughly 10 minutes on thighs, 10 on abs.I am seeing the results and that is motivating me to work harder, but I love food way too much to stop eating.

I made this mean chicken and mushroom pasta the other day, this is part of my plans to improve my cooking skill and also learn to cook dishes from other countries. I might do blog posta on them when after trying out a couple more Alfredo and mac&cheese are next on my list.

Results are out on Monday and for the first time since I started uni i'm not looking forward to getting mine back , my results this year is nothing to write home about and I can sense it, I'm just hoping and praying I only have to repeat Company Law. I can't remember if I did a post about it so I will just give you guys a brief. Company Law is like my worst law module, I don't have a genuine reason for not liking it, I don't attend the lectures but when I do I understand it very well . I lost a 20% assignment which I did not get the chance to repeat and during the exam I blanked out and could not remember anything. No I didn't cram, I knew for questions very well , I was present during their lectures, I just don't know what happened, so i made the decision to leave the exam hall after 40 minutes and come back for the repeat in July. Problem is repeat exams are capped at 40% if you get 100 you are only awarded 40. In other words I'm screwed!!!

I'm still getting used to the chromebook :
Thats all for now , Until next time

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