Friday, 20 June 2014


I don’t understand why people take social media personal , like its not that deep, I’ve seen my fair share of internet wars and in my head i’m like what are these people thinking, how can you take on someone you are yet to meet and start insulting them . I know some people are very defensive , saying the wrong thing to them will score you a business class ticket of insults. Like why bother your self. 

Some go as far as creating fake pages to diss , insult or even post rude comments on people pictures. Why in the name of the good Lord called God will you do that? Are you a coward ? You do not have to comment on everything you see , if  persons post is annoying or rude , simply block and unfollow . I have a friend who lives here in Dublin and she created a fake page on instagram to diss a girl who she thinks is dating her friends boyfriend , her friend lives in London and the other girl in the States.

I was shocked when she gave me the gist, “ Ruka if you see what we did to this girl , we insulted her life , called her a slut and all” I nodded my head throughout the entire conversation and was embarrassed for my friend.
Have you ever created a fake page to diss someone ?
Have you ever posted a rude comment on someones page ?

Has someone ever posted a rude comment on you page?

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