Sunday, 1 June 2014



Its 3:30 and I can' t sleep, my insomnia is back , for those who do not know insomnia is a sleep disorder where one has the inability to sleep or not been able to sleep as desired. I love my beauty sleep and I find it hard to function when I don't get at least six hours sleep at night and this is just killing me. Insomnia also has it health risks.

My insomnia started last spring after a break up, I was unable to sleep for weeks and that really affected me because my mind starts to wander to places it shouldn't , having unnecessary thought about things that are not so appropriate. This time I cannot put my hand on the reason for my sleepless, I spend the night watching desperate housewives, insta stalking ,tossing around in my bed for hours thinking about my life or how I want it to turn out and it just very  stressful. A good distraction helps me take my mind of things but how can I distract myself when I'm unaware of the problem. Like my brother says 
 Sleep is the cousin of death, insomnia is that person that holds you back before you step in front of  a moving lorry
 Sleep is the cousin of death, make sleep your friend so that he can tell his cousin to chill for you 
Any ideas on getting rid of insomnia ? Please share before a sister goes crazy. 
And as for the post I'm working on it my brain activity is a bit slow these days so please bare with me, I put pictures together, but developing the plot is harder than what I imagine.

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