Sunday, 29 June 2014

How Did I Get Here?

Exams results are out and I failed two modules, Company and E.U Law so I'm back to repeat  in August, now I have to drop the line " Ruka doesn't fail " I didn't fail just one but two. How the F*** did that happen?
Looking back at the last academic year and I'm thinking how did  I even pass the rest, I want to succeed but I let myself get distracted by worthless things and people and dreams of a well established future.
How can I build my own empire when I can't concentrate on my goals?
How can I build an empire when I can't pass uni?

I mean there are lots of successful people out in the world without degrees , but that does not happen for everybody, they are motivated, driven and ambitious,. But here I am an ambitious dreamer, this is been an eye opener for me, and I really need to wok harder.

I'm to graduate in November with a degree in Legal Studies my aim when I started was a 2nd class but now I have to settle for less, and that's what I deserve but I promised my self to work harder next semester to bump up my average and my gaol is to get at least a B+ in everything, from timed essays to to timed essays, to ditching the common room for the library and loosing friends

I also need to bid my best friend 'Sleep' farewell , I know I did a on insomnia, but I only get that when i have a lot of things on my mind, when , I'm not thinking , i love my sleep 7 hours plus. Everything has change, been an adult comes with more responsibilities than i expected , I really do wish I was 5 again, then I will get another chance at growing up and I would do things differently and taking my education seriously.

That's all for now , I'm off to Abuja next and I'm already dreading the internet. Yes I have my notes packed.
 Until next time

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