Sunday, 29 June 2014

How Did I Get Here?

Exams results are out and I failed two modules, Company and E.U Law so I'm back to repeat  in August, now I have to drop the line " Ruka doesn't fail " I didn't fail just one but two. How the F*** did that happen?
Looking back at the last academic year and I'm thinking how did  I even pass the rest, I want to succeed but I let myself get distracted by worthless things and people and dreams of a well established future.
How can I build my own empire when I can't concentrate on my goals?
How can I build an empire when I can't pass uni?

Monday, 23 June 2014

My Opinion On Having Children.

I just read a post on Bellanaija by Atoke, titled Its OK not to want kids. I can relate to this post very well , I cannot remember ever wanting children for reason best know to me, well the same reason Oprah decided not to have kids. My friends didn't understand my reasons of not wanting children they simply replied me with " Ruka you must be mad"
" Your mother gave birth to you therefore you also need to have children"
Or the Catholic reply " The bible said go forth and multiply, if we all choose to not the have children then the population of the human race will simply decrease" but these answer did not change my mind.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Story so far.

Swear the world cup has me feeling some type of way, I really want Ghana to win , they play very well better than Nigeria and they deserve to go far in the tournament. I am Nigerian call me a traitor but theyway we played the last match me might be on the next flight home.
I don't know when I became a football fan , I guess that's what happen when you date some one who lives and breathes footie, I find myself checking up match times, looking up scores online when other are watching the t.v. I scream unnecessarily, my legs start making making moves I simply cannot explain , Football is indeed a beautiful game. This is not a football post, so what if it is ?

Friday, 20 June 2014


I don’t understand why people take social media personal , like its not that deep, I’ve seen my fair share of internet wars and in my head i’m like what are these people thinking, how can you take on someone you are yet to meet and start insulting them . I know some people are very defensive , saying the wrong thing to them will score you a business class ticket of insults. Like why bother your self. 

Some go as far as creating fake pages to diss , insult or even post rude comments on people pictures. Why in the name of the good Lord called God will you do that? Are you a coward ? You do not have to comment on everything you see , if  persons post is annoying or rude , simply block and unfollow . I have a friend who lives here in Dublin and she created a fake page on instagram to diss a girl who she thinks is dating her friends boyfriend , her friend lives in London and the other girl in the States.

I was shocked when she gave me the gist, “ Ruka if you see what we did to this girl , we insulted her life , called her a slut and all” I nodded my head throughout the entire conversation and was embarrassed for my friend.
Have you ever created a fake page to diss someone ?
Have you ever posted a rude comment on someones page ?

Has someone ever posted a rude comment on you page?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Chrome Book Review.

Finally got a new laptop, actually its called  chromebook, after thirty minutes of walking around, I opted for a chrome book Acer C720.
 Its very light, easy to carry and can  fit into most of my handbags, I don't have to worry about carrying a separate bag to college , with a 11'6 inch screen it is compact. The chromebook is a goggle product, does not work with Microsoft but has its own app market, built in anti virus and its own version of Microsoft Word, power point excel and the whole gang, which is already installed in the computer so you do not have to worry about paying for them. The keypad is small but its manageable.

Part One: Ayomide Akanni

While his peers were busy dancing to skelewu or some new dance craze created by an artiste high on weed or the latest overpriced brand of alcohol that just hit the shelves, Ayo practiced his speech in the mirror , it was not any type of speech , he needed to tell his father he was leaving his position as managing director of the insurance company that his family had controlled for the last two generations. His grandfather started the company half a century ago, a few years after he moved to Lagos from Ile-Ife a small part of Osun state in the west of Nigeria .

Friday, 6 June 2014

Letter to my lover.

Hey mister,
The first time I met you I felt nothing, I slept with you not because I wanted to but because I thought it was what you wanted or it was what I was good for . But then you treated me differently , you made love  me and it was beautiful . I didnt start feeling anything till the 6th time we met, then I started craving for your attention .

I started loving you and eventually I was in love with you. I was a lost soul , but  without knowing you helped me in discovering myself, you are more than a just a boyfriend , you are like the brother I never had, a mentor, even though we are both two different people.

I know I was stupid having something do with someone else not because I wanted to but because that shallow little girl was still there , and it broke my heart that I hurt and il do anything to make it right . In the last two years u have made me stronger, more intelligent and helped me start up that strong woman I need to be to have a succesful future .

When things ended I felt betrayed not because you didn't want me but because I thought it was going go last forever and  I wanted to make you proud , I didn't know what do without you but i learned to breathe . Tbh in the last 9 months not a day goes by without the thought of you. 
               From , 
                 The girl you stole her heart.

Still blogging with my phone, sorry for the inconvenience. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


The laptop had finally packed up , well for now , its been three years of semi loyalty from you and I will miss you dearly . So my lovely readers I will not be able to blog properly till Iya Ruka Aka my mummy decides to buy me a new one, my iphone is the only peice of technology I have. And to stop myself from going fully insane, I'm taking a visit to my bookshelf to start re-reading my old books starting with twilight. And as for the weight loss its fantastic , I just finished a bowl of fried eggs and plaintain, * please don't judge me and I won't judge you* , fighting the urge is hard , bt I kick ass in the gym though.
Until next time . 

Sunday, 1 June 2014



Its 3:30 and I can' t sleep, my insomnia is back , for those who do not know insomnia is a sleep disorder where one has the inability to sleep or not been able to sleep as desired. I love my beauty sleep and I find it hard to function when I don't get at least six hours sleep at night and this is just killing me. Insomnia also has it health risks.