Monday, 26 May 2014


Mojoyin loves Emeka but she feels he doesn't  love or care about her the way she did him , she wonders if he had another woman that got his attention . She gave up so much for him , a future with a man who will make her feel like a princess every morning. She wondered why she choose him, a man who rarely replies her text message, who doesn't say I love you ! Or I miss you ! If she doesn't say it first , she always makes plan to see him and he never asks to see her , his excuse is that he has been in a previous relationship based on constant calling and questioning the whereabouts of his partner and that did not end well so he doesn't want this to end up that way . 
Do people lose interest when they know they have your attention or is there something unhealthy about this relationship .
The relationship was not always like this , he was a caring and fun guy , who called regularly to check up on her , but somewhere down the line something went wrong and its never been the same . 
She is scared to call it off because he keep her going , and motivates her in a weird way. What should she do?

Sorry I typed this out on my phone, the laptop is acting up and i'm guessing its time to buy a new one but since i can't afford one , we shall rely on my phone for now .

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