Sunday, 5 January 2014

Try the plus size section .

"Excuse me , do you have this in a UK 14 ?" i asked a staff in the forever 21 store . She paused looking at me form head to toe . "I'm sorry we do not , but you can try the plus size section" she replied and walked away . I looked around to see if any one had witnessed my embarrassment, fortunately not , i wanted to disappear into thin air . "She just called me fat " i said to an invisible audience . This feels like a scene from mean girls when Regina George ate too much of the kalteen bars and couldn't fit into her prom dress. I'm only a size 14 , well i convinced myself i was . I blamed the fabric every time trousers stopped half way up my thighs in the changing room  . "There is has to be something wrong with the tagging " i always said to comfort my self.
Plus size section ! Am i that big ? I took another look at my self in the mirror , I started a diet plan in my head chicken , lots of protein , soy milk , no carbs , no sweets , fruits , nuts and exercise . I should be able to drop a jean size if i stuck with it this time .
"Who am i kidding " i said to  my tub of Hagen Daz strawberries and cream ice cream tub . "I am Sexy " " I will lose weight when i'm successful.


  1. Awwww... Truth is, anyone that is not comfortable with it should change it but if one is comfortable with their size pls let them rock it. No matter how many "Check the plus size section" one gets.

    Just feel good in your skin :)

    1. Thank you, I'm starting to embrace my curves, no more diets where I end up eating a load of junk after. Big women have a rough time, and also so men.