Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Morning After .

This must be what death feels like. My head hurts as blurred images of last night began to fill my head. I had way too much to drink, all in the name of my best friend’s 21st birthday party. It was also meant to be my anniversary with my boyfriend Mo, well ex now, the so called love of my life. I got dumped! Yes I said it I got dumped. I really don't blame him, guess he finally got tired of my lifestyle, I give him some credit though, spending two years with a girl and not getting some is no joke. 

I adapted a strict Islamic lifestyle after reading a book on the morals and values of a good Muslim woman at the early stage of our relationship. We never had sex before this because I had a four month rule, unfortunately for him things started to change before the four months. I started wearing hijabs and scarves to cover my hair as it was not right for a man who is not family too see your hair. I threw out all my short dresses , miniskirts , anything that made my figure obvious or would attract the opposite sex , my jeans went from body hugging to loose , I started purchasing them a size bigger. 
Like any loving boyfriend would, Mo supported my beliefs. "I'm proud of you babe " he would always say. But that didn't make him happy; I caught him stealing glances at other girls when we were out at times, which led to arguments that could go on for weeks. I loved a good fight so I never backed down; he would show up at my apartment weeks after with flowers begging it wouldn't happen again. 
"I promise it will not happen again” he said several times. I guess all the ass was getting to him, his mum loved me, and to her I was the perfect Muslim woman for her son. 
One night after dinner at out favourite restaurant, he handed a bouquet of flowers with a card in it. "Open it when you get hom
e." he said. "Babe what is it, can open it now?" I asked.
 "No when you get home.”
 I was grinning with excitement as he walked me to my door, he kissed me goodnight and watched as I opened the door.
"Come in” 
"No I have to go, my dad gets back tonight”
I shut the door behind me opening the card , tears started to down my cheeks as I read the words I'm sorry, I can’t do this anymore .It’s over . I love you! 
I opened the door to see if he was still there, this can’t be real, and we had plans. I ran down the stairs calling his name, but all I heard was my voice hitting the walls. 
This was two weeks ago, my life has been playing in slow motion ever since. The cold touching my skin brought me back to reality, I pull the blanket over my body, wait a minute? I'm naked! I never sleep naked.
My head ache didn't seem to matter anymore, my eyes immediately cleared up as I tried to put pieces of last night together, but nothing made sense. My dress was discarded on the floor, alongside my underwear, for the first time in almost two years; I had alcohol and stepped out without my head scarf. 
I miss Mo , I want to talk to him , I looked around for my phone as I put my bath robe on my naked body , I dialed his number , my mouth felt dry , I walked towards the fridge. I called twice before he finally picked up. 
"Hi” I whispered. "
"I miss you."
"Are you sure?”
What does he mean am I sure?
"Yes I do" I answered feeling a bit too optimistic. 
"Well I don't think you do, I saw you last night, with him”
Wait......? Him..... ? Who..... ? I don't understand what he is talking about; after all he wasn't at Chi's party. 
"What are you saying?” 
"I saw you with Kunle, you were kissing him outside your apartment, and I realized how stupid I was to let you go so I came over to talk. But imam guessing you moved on. How can you be so cheap? Open the door!"
I opened the door, bouquet of red roses and a teddy bear were sitting by my door, the surprise was followed by a beeping noise coming from my phone, and he hung up. 

This can’t be right; Kunle is Chi's boyfriend, my best friend Chi.


  1. I Love the story, but I got lost somewhere at the end, Was she really kissing Kunle? Or He saw Chi kissing Kunle? Which?

    Don't mind me oh, sometimes my brain takes longer to catch up.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. She kissed Kunle, I don't want to go into much detail, because I am thinking about adding more to make it a weekly thing.