Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sex Offenders.

I am still trying to understand what these people DNA  is made off , what prompts a person and sexually attracts an adult to a minor. It is simply disgusting and degrading to society, every day there is always an article on a sex offender or pedophile to be precise.
According to the dictionary a pedophile is someone sexually attracted to children.  I just do not understand how messed up a persons mind can be, of all the population of the opposite out there, some sick pervert goes for children.
'A nineteen year old British man in the UK was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for 49 sexual assaults on 13 teenage boys who he groomed with bribes and threats' Christopher Mancini, 19, of Hurstpierpoint
 WTF is wrong with the world ?
How can a young man decide he wants to molest young boys, for reasons like this I understand why some countries criminalized homosexuality. How psychotic can one simply get?
As i law student I've had my fair share of cases like this but I am still amazed on the horrors that goes on in society.
What happens when the boys who were assaulted by the sexual predators become the men of their past, the monsters that had robbed them of their innocence. It has been going on for years and shall continue to occur , its a bad egg that can be thrown out. It is a bad an disgusting habit that is buried deep in our society.
Sex offenders have a rough time in prison, I remember watching a documentary by Louis Theroux , A Place For Pedophiles, they were segregated and put into a rehabilitation center with other offenders.
Is it right to put these people together?    

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