Thursday, 9 January 2014


It’s almost two months since I got robbed, around the corner from my house with a knife held to my neck, to be honest it’s not a great experience for a person to go through. I've lived in fear ever since, every time I walk home , I look back after taking a step, every time I notice a male with his hood up , my pulse races.
I was on holidays for three weeks and in that three weeks I left my house twice, both times getting a lift , this experience haunts me even in my dreams, I’m scared to go out , when out I’m scared to go home. A voice in my head is always telling me “you might not be lucky this time just stay at home ". 
I pray and hope summer would hurry, at least I feel a bit safer when it doesn't get dark early.
I don't blame the two guys that robbed me, both young teenagers; maybe I should have challenged them. I feel like the society I live in allows laziness, if the government didn't allow young people to leave school at the age of sixteen, they might be in school. If the government didn't offer them money for been lazy, they might be at work and would not think of robbing people when the government cannot afford to pay them. 
Unfortunately I am one of those who experienced this, and one of the few who survived, yet I live in fear, I don’t even feel safe in the comfort of my home.    


  1. What you feel isn't odd.It's a feeling that accompanies such experience.However,you should look for ways to overcome the fear.FEAR IS A LIE!

  2. I wanted to follow your blog,but i didn't see a link to do that.

    1. I'm trying my best to get over it. Here is the link