Friday, 24 January 2014

Confessions of An Unemployed Law Student.

Hi guys! Happy Friday!
Hope you have all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to partying over the weekend. Life has been good so far I guess, school and assignments. 
I also started driving. Yay!! I've had my license for more than two years but I had no reason to drive, I’m yet to get to a car so I’m just using my mums. It’s actually not that bad, I’m still a bit scared but I guess it’s the norm for new drivers.

I am over my fear of walking home, I don't look back as much anymore and I found a tener walking home two nights ago, 'Free burger King ' , I wouldn't have found the money if I was sitting in the car driving and I also see it as good luck as I haven't found money in years.
In other news I’m so pissed off my E.U lecturer gave me a D 47% , E.U is probably one of the worst and hardest law modules ever, I find it very difficult to understand and I guess not attending lectures makes it worst. It’s also not my fault do not attend lectures as all my assignments are due on a Wednesday so I ditch E.U to get them done. 
My faith is getting stronger  guess, I try to put God in almost everything I do and I guess it’s working, talking to  other Muslims is helping me a lot, I’m far away from wearing a hijab or wearing skirts but I guess I’m not the worst Muslim alive. I found some really cool videos on YouTube about Islam, they are very educative and it’s very nice and motivating to hear what Muslim youths have to say about our religion. There is a video below for those who are interested in watching. 
Do you guys have any good study tips ? Feel free to comment. Thank you.

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