Thursday, 16 January 2014

Confessions of An Unemployed Law Student

Hi guys! 
Hope you are all good, this has been a stressful week; I finally submitted two company law assignments that the lecturer gave the class since September and I feel a heavy weight off my shoulders. Two assignments down, seven more to go. I ditched a four hour lecture because I didn't feel like going , how lazy can one get. The prayer room in my school makes praying easy, I don't have to do it all when I get home. Suits makes been a barrister so cool , walking around a company in heels like you own the world and winning cases everyday and in reality I find it hard to get an internship.

So Nigeria finally criminalized Homosexuality, which is hypocritical since we have too much to worry about as a country than what to same sex adults are doing in the comfort of their bedroom. 
Who are to judge people because they are gay, we are Africans, black to be precise I'm just saying we have been looked down up for generations, therefore picking on people because they are different is not right it’s almost the same as been racist. 
I am not saying it is right to be homosexual, but it’s not up to people to judge. Let God judge them not you.
I've heard people say it’s a disease and it spreads I don't see how that makes sense, I know I'm attracted to men so there is no way no one can change that. 
I just had to get that out of my system. Phew!
Has anyone seen Been Mary Jane, I just started Gab Union is in it.
 I Walked home yesterday. Finally! 

I'm also working on some short stories so bear with me.

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