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What if I'm one of those women who will never get married?
What if I'm of those women who will never get married?
What if I'm one of those women who will spend years trying to have a child?

But the society I was born into shames you if you for any of the above. Sometimes I wonder if  would end up becoming that successful aunt or friend who everyone loves yet feels sorry for because  I have no man or no children. 

No one has ever died from not been married but thousands of people have been killed by their spouse all over the world. 
No one has ever died from been childless, but hundreds of children are killed by a parent and hundreds of parent(s) are killed by their child(ren). Thousands of children have been abandoned and forced to have a terrible life which in most cases leads to their children having a terrible life.

I have so many weird questions in my head, the older I get the more I get scared about one of these becoming my reality. Been born in Nigerian and growing up in a Nigerian household, means once you are done with your education the next thing to do is start a career, get married and have a family of your own. 
When I was younger I always said I didn't want children and that made perfect sense at the time, but I started having boyfriends. Each relationship more serious than the previous one, I've been in my current relationship almost three years and marriage is definitely on the table and the thoughts of being the mother to his children warm my heart and send chills down my spine. 

My biggest fear is been married and not been able to have children. What happens next? I have no problem adopting a childing or looking into surrogacy but will a typical Nigerian family accept that? 
I have an everything happens for a reason approach to life.  
Let's say I meet a man who does not want to have any children, I am perfectly okay to accept and build my life around that. Two people coming to an agreement on something is different to them wanting something and not been able to get it.   
I have no problem with adopting but will my spouse and his family accept that?

" Don't let anything you have no control over contol you"

What do you guys think of this? Please share your thoughts. 




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