Saturday, 1 April 2017


Hi guys,
I've been too busy to blog. So much has been happening but not enough to blog about , just the normal routine.
Nothing special just the usual attending lecturers, hot class room, "I too knows". Slowly losing focus.
We are  rounding up and I can't believe we are almost done with lectures and moving on to externhip . 
I have a study routine, a short but effective one. The mosque is the perfect place for me to read,
I go there immediately after lectures, read till past seven. I try to draft as much as I can . 

We had our second snap test yesterday, the HOD for Property Law Practices announced it an hour into our Friday lectures . The test was from 3 to 7, it included theory questions and MCQ's. I was done before 6 and because the invigilator wanted to leave early she so allowed some people go. 

I was issued a warning for been in a male's room which is against the code of conduct. 

I apologize if the post is short or disorganized. 



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