Monday, 27 June 2016

Registration/Day 1.

Hi Guys,
So i just started started law school as some of you already know, I will be in Abuja for Bar I and hope I get to go back to Lagos for Bar II.
Registration was very stressful due to rude and lazy staff a simple 20 minutes process took over four hours. My day started at 5:30 morning on Friday in order to get on the first flight to Abuja to register for law school, I had my friend pick me up from the airport only meet the gate  locked, the PA was't home leaving me to stand outside for over an hour with my boxes

I got lost on my way to Bwari so I called up an old friend to accompany me on the drive to Jerusalem , took me fifty-five minutes to get there.
Let the stress begin. We had no prior information of the registration process.
At first I had to queue up at the cyber cafe for over an hour to print, upload my payment and also photocopy the required documents,  I found out there were no more rooms in the female hostel while i was waiting. Oooops!!!
Documents printed onto the next, Dining hall for registration, on my way to the dining hall I was stopped by photographers telling me i needed passport photo, 12 for 2k.. Fun kini ( for what ). I got 8 for 1k scam turns out they were right I needed three pictures. Thanks guys!!

Next step filling my registration form and signing the code of conduct, get payment upload stamped and back to the cafe for three copies. Why they need three copies I do not know, they only took one. The girl handing out the forms was very friendly, smiled throughout and helped us put our form in order. Gave her a small tip.

The next step took forever, the lady decided it was time for her lunch just before I got to her table, she spent fifteen minutes gisting, then thirty minutes on her phone and eating her lunch then another ten minutes gisting. While she was doing that , the guy at the last stage felt he's had enough and decided to leave the table. She finally made her grand arrival only to ignore to talk to some other people, telling them there was no need to apologise to me. I kept a smile on my face and waited another thirty minutes, a different lady showed up to collect the form and kept reminding us she didn't have time to waste after wasting out time.

The last stage was almost over but we had to sign the register, the guy was so rude and asked why we were laughing the minute he walked past.
I ran out once I got his signature on my slip , Thanking God the dreadful experience is over, only to find out I missed induction and that we had been split into groups and each group had been assigned work...

Day 1.
Woke up excited. My first day if law school. YAY!!!
No hostel meaning I have to drive from Apo to Bwari everyday, found someone to carpool but I think he is going to ditch me, ah well, s**t happens.
Took me less than an hour to get to Bwari and into the lecture hall I go only to be told at the door that handbags were not allowed only transparent bags which I get at the mami market... Yikes!!!!

We had land law and it was quite fun but I wasn't expecting so much work on the first day, classes run from 9am to 1:30 pm with a 30 minutes break at 11.
The lectures halls were alright but the toilets were appalling, typical Nigerian public toilet smell, no water to flush and no tissue.
Note to self  ; stay away from water to reduce your chances of getting an infection.

Criminal law lecturer came in towards the end to assign work for the next day...
Bar I covers land, criminal, constitutional law and legal systems. Found my group at the end of the class and I'm scared we might be the worst group, the group leader is somehow acting like a know it all, but hey it's only the first day. Lets see it goes.
Sorry if the post is all over the place there is a lot of info to squeeze into one post, so I just type when something pops into my head.

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