Monday, 19 December 2016

Week 6

It's the sixth week of Law school but my second week. I attended my first law dinner and also wrote my first surprise "Snap Test" which are given randomly to snap your brain .

I finished registration on Wednesday and was told there was a possibility I would be dinning the next day, the school has set ground rules student have to comply with in order to dine.
*Court shoes or flats , no patents or suede's allowed just leather, no bows or designs of any sort. Males had to wear shoes with soles.
*Suits: Skirts, white shirt , black dress and blazer for females and trousers for males. No skinny ties allowed.
*Females had to be on their natural hair, no weaves, braids or plaits allowed. No nails or eyelashes and small stud earrings.

Those who didn't comply with the rules were sent back to change, people were told to cut their nails, remove the designs on shoes. Some had to take of their false lashes.
I fixed my nails on Sunday and really gutted I had to dissolve them after three days. I had to borrow a blazer that was too small to button and shoes that were two sizes bigger than my feet.
Dinner was a three course meal with chicken pepper soup as starter, fried rice, coleslaw, moi moi and chicken for main then ice cream for dessert. The food wasn't bad , would give them a 6/10.
Members of the Body of Benchers were also present at the dinner, a lot of people who came late didn't get seats so they have to wait until next year in order to dine.

I decided to take Friday off but that only lasted an hour before my seat partner called to tell me the lecturer announced we have a snap test in the next hour and attendance was mandatory. I got ready as fast as I could and got to VI before it started. We were having a mentoring session with the set of 1991 before the test and it was great hearing from people who took the Bar Exam before I was born.

The test was for all five courses lasting three hours, I am yet to attend Ethics lecture but I was able to attempt most of the questions, Property was the best . We had small chops and cocktails after the exam courtesy of the alumni.
We are currently on break for Christmas until January, I'm off to Dublin in  a few days.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Bar II

I survived my first week on the Lagos Campus, It was a lot of stress but I pulled through.
Lectures started four weeks ago but I had issues with my admission due to people in ICT, I missed out on the background stuff but should be able to catch up .
Bar II is completely different from Bar I first thing is I'm in the Lagos campus where they are much more stricter than Abuja.

I decided to stay in Lagos due to the proximity to my house and the boo also lives in Lagos .
In Abuja female students were allowed wear black on black but that'ts not the case in  Lagos, it was either white on black, black dresses or go back home to change. I got in trouble on my first day because my shirt had ruffles and I was wearing suede shoes, I smiled my way out of it,
It took me over an hour to drive to VI from my house which is on the mainland and there was no way I was driving back home.

The timetable for class is nine am to one thirty pm, with a thirty minute break at eleven,however that's not the case in Lagos , classes start at nine am and ends when the lecturer decides it ends. Sometimes we go from  nine to two without breaks. Earliest we finish is two and the latest we finished has been five. We were told "this is the Lagos Campus, this is how we achieve great results every year, if you are not okay with it feel free to transfer to any of the other campuses, but in Lagos be ready to be stressed".

You also have assigned seats, you have to sit with your groups but a lot of people sit where they want.
The lecturers are really good when it comes to interacting , but you have to be on your A game because they can randomly call out your student number to answer a question, If you pretend you didn't hear they have a copy of the register and call out your name. Failure to reply leads to a "hot query" as they call it and no one wants a query.


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Few are roaming.

Hi baby, I just got called  about a meeting in Abuja and I have to get there tonight, heading home to pack, sorry I’m missing your sisters engagement tell Seun we will do full turn up for her white wedding…
Toun hit the send button and waited for her husband’s reply.
“Baba please find somewhere to make a U-turn “, she said to the grey haired driver who Yele employed to relive her of the stress of driving  three weeks after their wedding. 
“Head to the mainland we are going to Yaba ’, she informed still staring at her phone.
The driver looked at her from the rear view mirror with pity in his eyes, but she was too far away to notice, he knew what was happening and prayed she told her husband before it ruins their marriage.
Toun looked out the window as the car sped past others on the Third Mainland Bridge, the view of the sea started to blur as her voices in her head increased, she tried to stay calm while the driver glanced at her as much as he could to make sure she was fine.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hi Guys,
I'm you are all tired of my apologies. The network in Bwari is pretty crappy and based on the way my account is set up my smile is currently not available therefore using my phone as hotspot can be a pain in the ass.
Typing a post with my phone is equally as bad.
I'm slept quite early which is why I'm awake now, 1:20AM  so why not update my amazing readers on my law school experience.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Story so far

Hi guys,
Sorry I've been MIA. I've made several attempts to post but my Internet as been acting up and my phone is not connecting to the laptop so I'm going to post from my phone.
Law school has been a new experience, first I moved to the hostel so no more driving to Bwari from  town everyday my bank account is glad. At first I felt some how about my roommates but they cool as f#*# so happy days.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Registration/Day 1.

Hi Guys,
So i just started started law school as some of you already know, I will be in Abuja for Bar I and hope I get to go back to Lagos for Bar II.
Registration was very stressful due to rude and lazy staff a simple 20 minutes process took over four hours. My day started at 5:30 morning on Friday in order to get on the first flight to Abuja to register for law school, I had my friend pick me up from the airport only meet the gate  locked, the PA was't home leaving me to stand outside for over an hour with my boxes

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Hi Guys,
I got my admission into Law School.....Yay!!! Turn out my name was on the list since it came but I was entering the wrong application number hence the " status pending" I see each time I sign in.

I went to Abuja on Monday but I'm back in Lagos to pack my bags and get all the necessary thing I need.
My admission is provisional till my final results are released so fingers crossed , next few days are going to be hectic, I have to get a medical report in order to stay in the hostel since the drive from  my house to Bwari is over an hour and it's simply not worth the stress.

I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life and also getting a step closer to been a legal practitioner, however, I'm not looking forward to wearing skirts for the next 18 months or living in the house with my dads PA who never stops talking and is kind of sleazy.

Hopefully, I get all my stuff sorted before Friday so I can return to Abuja on Monday to start my Law school experience.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Quick Update.

Hi Guys,
I'm back in Lagos and it's been a different  experience so far , less turn up and more trying to sort my life out. I applied for Law school back in April and I'm yet to get a reply, a friend told me the list came out last week but each time I log into mine all I see status pending and I'm starting to get worried, Bar I lectures starts on Monday and I don't know what to do.

For the first time in three years I'm fasting without any temptations, no getting involved in any haram activities,  I stay home and watch my friends get dressed but I can't be bothered, my relationship with my Creator is more important.
I also started taking Arabic lessons so I can start reading the Quran, I'm getting through it quite well but I have so many errands to run for my dad, therefore I don't have any time to study what I've learnt due to errands I'm running for my dad.

My main concern is getting into law school and hopefully, everything works out fine, I intend to blog a lot more about my law school experience and also do vlogs.

This post is basically an update since I've been away for so long and I miss sharing my thoughts with my readers.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Final Exams.

My final exams are creeping up and I'm stressed to the max, stressed and calm at the same don't know if that makes sense but that's how I feel. I've spent more time in the library this semester than I have since I started university.
This year has been very emotional, I had one of my mood swings last and I was like " screw it" . I picked up a new book and read my sorrows away.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Headies 2015 .....

I caught the late train to the headies on Youtube, I wasn't planning on watching but I'm glad I did, two grown men going at each other like teenagers. The BBM updates made me curious as to what was happening so I had to check it out myself and all I can say is WOW!!!
That was not expected.

Olamide's rant was not necessary but as the owner of the Label his frustration was justified but his choice of word's were wrong on live TV did not speak well of his leadership skills. His rant on twitter took it to another level, I suck at twitter but I found myself re- tweeting post, I can't carry last now, so I had to insert myself.

We are yet to hear from Don Jazzy AKA my baby daddy but the guy is just so cool and comes across as an easy going person. He shouldn't have mentioned Olamide's name that escalated the entire situation and I hope they make up soon, YBNL and MAVIN are big record labels with different, genre in music but the beef is not needed.
The show was not disorganized from the mishaps to the tacky host.
Reminisce was looking great, too bad he is married. I need me one of the world famous Yoruba demon, Agbada et all.

This was a quick.

Friday, 1 January 2016

12 HOURS TILL 2016

Happy new year guys, hope this new year comes with blessings.
I had a very long new year's eve, not my traditional new years eve but a good one, I decided to go see my friend in Liverpool since I was in London and I didn't see him in a few weeks. Ticket booked Leave at 12:07 and return with the 18:47 train to be back in time to pray for crossover.

This trip was planned in less than ten hours since spontaneous worked for us and planning seems to mess thing up its better without the planning and excitement.
I got to the train station thirty minutes early, myself and bestie have a history of missing trains but I had it all planned out, the train ride was smooth and I was hoping to catch up on sleep during the ride since I didn't sleep all night. Thanks, Insomnia!!!