Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My flight to Dublin.

I got back to Dublin yesterday evening after my flight from London City airport was delayed for an hour. The flight was scary, I hate flying each time I fly I think about all the bad things I've done and that alone gets my stomach in a twist.
My flight was scheduled for 1:40 pm and been the JJC that I was in the UK I left the house at 12 and was at the airport for 12:38, London might be crowded, but the transport system is on point. Airport security was a little annoying they wanted all liquids in clear bags even lip glosses and mascara, I had to take off my belt which I always avoided, but they weren't having it.

I had 40 minutes to kill before my flight so I waited in the lounge before boarding and proceeded to the gate 20 minutes before take off. We were on time and everything was set, then I looked at my phone, 1:50, we were still taxiing 10 minutes after take off, it took me a while to notice because I was lost in thought, I need to stop daydreaming. 5 minutes later the pilot announced we had to return to the gate as there was something wrong with the plane.

Something wrong with the plane keh? God forbid  me dying in a plane crash, obviously I'm alive that's why you are all able to read this. It took us another 10 minutes to get to the gate and I was angry I was going to miss class. The problem was fixed in another 10 minutes,  we had to wait for them to complete paperwork certifying the plane fit to fly.

The doors closed and a passenger decided he didn't want to fly, funny enough I didn't blame the poor guy. I was thinking about getting off the plane, my younger sister cried for a long time when I told her I was leaving, she doesn't cry when I travel, but then I didn't have enough money to buy another ticket if the airline refused to put me on another flight. I could always argue frustration of contact, but I wasn't arsed.

After he got off the plane they had to do a routine check for safety purposes just to make sure he didn't leave anything on the plane. The plane was ready at 14:30, I was scared and was reciting surah Al-Kursi ferociously trying to look calm, the plane had to turn a few times to face the right direction to Dublin. We landed an hour after and I've never been so happy to arrive in Dublin.

Have you ever been in this type of situation?
Would you disembark from the plane or simply count your blessings?

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  1. Great that thing worked out in the end and you arrived safely, that must have been nerve wrecking to say the least. Greetings!