Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My thoughts.

'" When life hands you lemons make lemonade" is what I've always heard but now I know exactly what it means , life has handed me lemons, but no water, sugar or a pitcher to  make the lemonade so what do I do with the lemons ?

I'm a tight corner with little or no options on what to do, I have to wait a year before I can complete my degree, but right now I'm hoping and praying for a miracle, this is not what I planed, safe to say things do not  always go as planned.

All my life I've left things to the last minute and paid little or no attention to important things, but when I actually decided to be serious and act like a reasonable adult, it all comes crashing down.

In need to stop dreaming and fantasising about the future, or what I'd love to do or the woman I want to be, I spend majority of my time picturing the future than I spend on now and reality. I want to live like a billionaire yet I take things so easy with out concentrating.
Maybe there is something wrong with me?
Why am I like this?
I need change, of everything, change of environment, change of thinking and change of lifestyle.
I need a positive mindset, setting goal and ways of achieving what I want in life, hopping for best and also trying to tackle any obstacle that comes my way.


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