Monday, 22 September 2014


I finally summoned the courage and strength I needed to let go, after two and a half years of happiness, love, cheating, tears and now hate. We spent more time apart than we did together, the start was amazing, honeymoon phase was even better then reality set and the real challenge began.
 I remember the time I was too scared to get up to give you a hug, the sight of you made blood rush to my brain so fast, I felt I was going to pass out, from that moment I knew there was no going back, but I'm taking that back.
I'm moving forward without you, it's the best thing to do, loving you has held me back, I made you my priority but to you I was just an option.

I am letting you go. I am saying my final good bye not forever , but for now, till I can stop grinning stupidly every time your name shows on my phone.
Goodbye until I can stop getting angry because you failed to keep yet another promise.
Goodbye until that hold you have over me is severed.
Goodbye until I learn to love myself, so another person like will you not walk into my life.
Goodbye until I stop smiling every time I say your name.
Goodbye until I stop thinking about the future we could have had.
Goodbye until you are nothing but a memory.

Its not entirely your fault, we both had it coming, I was too scared to let go even though I know I deserved way better than what you gave me, but you treated me based on the impression I gave and that I regret deeply, hopefully, I make a better choice next time. I loved you once, well I was convinced its love, but you never know what love is till you have something else to compare it too. This is an obsession one that went on too far.

I love you.
I loved you.
I choose to stop loving you, it's the best thing for me, we both know you stopped loving me a long time ago, but I was too stubborn to admit it.
Goodbye, until I can look at you without getting butterflies in my belly.
Goodbye until everything I've ever felt for you dies like a rose during a stormy winter.



  1. E-hugs darling, better days ahead. I can relate to this post so much. You took words from me.

  2. Thanks hun, better days ahead for all of us.