Tuesday, 2 May 2017


I had plans for the two weeks break, had it all planned out in my head, study, work out, stay the F away from carbs and sugar. All I did was sleep, eat carbs and stock up on sugar, I feel like a failure, well not entirely but I'm the real definition of a waste man, Didn't realize how tired I was until I started taking naps during the day yet not finding it difficult to sleep at night.

We started our externship . Yay!
My posting got changed to Igbosere, got the email while I was in Ikeja High Court, I love criminal litigation, practicing in Nigeria doesn't look that bad. The Judge heard 16 cases, some which were for arraignment but the accused person's did not show up.
It's a complete different ball game, been there watching everything we were thought in class being put into practice .

Commercial is not as exciting as criminal but , I like the court. The judge hears cases on Land, landlord and tenant, general civil.  breach of contract and some corporate issues. She does case management conference on Thursdays , although she doesn't sit on Mondays, which gives us the opportunity to go courts in another division.

I take notes in a journal , however I' yet to transfer them to my log book, should do that later in the week.