Friday, 7 April 2017


I made it guy's!
 Last week of lectures, yet another stressful week .
I think i stopped caring at week 19, i physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Ditched  some lectures, walked out of others, had to talk myself into getting out of bed some times but you guy's have no idea how it feels to be in the last week of Law School Lectures.

Law school itself is not over but no more sitting in the auditorium for hours,waiting for break and praying for lectures to end for the day
No more holding my breathe when the lecture starts calling out student number's because I didn't read the topic or attend group meeting the night before.
No more driving like a manic in traffic when I wake up late in order to get in before 9am.
No more smelly toilets.

Well no more until we return from externship in July.
The lecturers were great, even though I hated their approach they had one goal and that was for us to pass, they tried their best to deliver the topics and beat them into our heads until they felt most of us understood.

Class has been empty since Monday, a lot a people stopped caring and all they wanted was to go home. They started giving out ID cards on Monday although I'm yet to receive mine patiently waiting for the madness to die down. I got my medical card which givesme free treatment all over the states in certain hospitals, so they said.

I also got my log books for my court and chamber externship to be filled everyday of the placement and ready for portfolio assessment when we return in July.
Benchers forms were also given out to be filled by two members of the body of benchers. One was given to each student so you have to guard it with your life.

We got out student handbook for each course. The handbooks are a summary of each course and I'm guessing they didn't give them out at the start because students would ditch lectures and also rely on the contents without reading other texts.
I submitted my complaint form for the externship and i'm hoping to hear back in a few days.
We had the end of term cocktail on the lawn, food, live band , a lot of people dressed in traditional attires.
Two weeks break for externship starts, I hope to get a lot of work done during the break, catch up on sleep and work out.
Module two for the ADR course is scheduled for tomorrow and the exam on Sunday.

That's all for now.


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