Monday, 6 March 2017


Hi guys,
 Six more weeks to go then lectures are over. This is going to be a short post as I spent most of the week in the hospital . Did not have my car as the brakes failed on Sunday
so I had to rely on the driver for the entire week and that drove me insane, nothing serious happened I was able to control the car to hit another one that was parked on the street.

I felt on Monday morning but I assumed it was from the "funny brownies " I baked so i spent the entire class feeling weak and tired. Class finished early, went to lunch with a friend, went home slept for a bit.
Felt really weak when I woke up, slept again.

Went to the hospital on the next day, was diagnosed with severe malaria and there was bacteria in my blood. I had to go on injections and medication, I hate drugs. I started the medication but stopped after one dose as they made me drowsy I had seven different ones .

Went to school on Wednesday, left after two hours felt really weak and the air conditioner wasn't working was close to passing out, couldn't wait for the driver so I took a taxi home. Took the day of on Thursday, I hate been idle so I decided to run errands and buy things I needed in the house.
Went to back to school as we had a very important topic, I also had to face a panel as a witness to back up the story of a student. Got told of about my "improper dressing"