Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hi guys,
This week has been hectic, the lecturers are starting to take group meeting serious, 63 members in a group got queried for not attending group meetings.
On Tuesday I stayed back after lectures for two hours because the meeting for scheduled for 6pm after waiting for two hours, I waited till half 7 only to find out the meeting was cancelled. I was so pissed off, got stuck in traffic on the way home and didn't get in until 9.
 I gave the group leader a piece of my mind the next day and as usual he gave him attitude.

Finally used the mic, at the start of law school I told myself I wouldn't use the mic but I was forced to on Wednesday, the lecturer cited the wrong section of the High Court rules .I had to use the mic in order to correct him, it took me five minutes to convince myself to use it since it seemed I was the only one that noticed.
 I had my hand up for a bit but he didn't notice so I had to interrupt his teaching. People started groaning when they heard someone say excuse me sir, they thought  I was going to ask a question. I don't want to use the mic because I tend to jumble my words.

Finally got my car back! I've been driving myself to school all week.

Haven't worked out in two weeks but I've been eating crap as usual. My weight loss and religious struggles are probably the biggest issues in my life and I've been battling with them for years.

I pray in the morning before I leave for school then pray Zuri and Asri in the mosque at school, I don't look like the typical Muslim girl so people look at me weird when I enter the mosque with my tight knee length skirts and my uncovered hair.  I exchange pleasantries in Arabic do my salat and leave.
Some Muslim brother have been on my case about covering my hair and I just smile and say soon but its starting to get annoying because to be honest its nobody's business.One of the brothers telling me to cover my hair has made sexual passes at me twice. I left the Whats-app group for the Muslim society because all they seemed to be concerned about is praying for the president which I do not give a flying f**k about.
Pardon my french.

I'm also hoping to change where I picked for my court and chambers attachment. I picked Ikeja which is not exactly far but traffic can be a pain at times so I'm hoping to change it Igbosere which will be more convenient and will not involve much driving.
 I haven't seen my boyfriend in almost two weeks because of the school timetable and his work hours. Yes I have boyfriend now, we have been together for nine months , might do a post about him.

That's all for now. Do have a wonderful weekend.

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