Tuesday, 14 February 2017

WEEK 10/11

Hi guys,
I've been so busy barely have time for myself.
Nothing special has been happening, from lectures to remedial. It's been hectic, thank God remedial ended in week 11 so we are back to the usual long days.
Lecturers going on for as long as they want.

I attended my fist group meeting on Sunday, spent a hour in the wrong group meeting only to realize my group was on the ground floor, so i had to spend another hour listening to the same presentation.

My group leader is a bit of c**t, people let little power get into their heads. I told him I didn't stay on campus and it would be stressful if i waited until 6pm for meeting if class end at 2 or 4. I would also face heavy traffic on the way home and might not get home until 9 all he did was tell me to move to the hostel or get an executive room. I don't mind doing the work or any extra work as long as i'm participating.
I really don't have much to say, just glad the long days are over. Week 12 coming up soon.

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