Friday, 27 January 2017

WEEK 7/8

Hi Guys ,
Happy New Year !
I was not able to do a post on week 7 last so I will combine week 7 and 8 together then do an update on week 8 at the end of the week .
Hope you all have a great Christmas?

Still going to school from home because I simply can not do the five or six in a room and ten to twelve people to a bathroom/toilet thingy.
No I don't think I'm better than everyone, I'm not used to living in such conditions and I find the price for Executive hostel expensive so coming from home is the cheapest option.
The traffic is not that bad but I have to hang around after lectures when I have group meetings which I'm yet to attend hope I don't get into trouble.

Class is still the same but more stressful, I didn't complete my registration last year, I unable to do my bio metrics and without this you cannot thumb print for attendance. I took advantage of this so I could leave class early.

The system is you thumb print in the morning before 9 and after lectures, failure to do both leads to you been marked absent, 75 percent attendance is needed in order to sit the exam. However attendance does not start reading until you do bio metrics.

I did mine on Thursday and regretted it because on Friday class went from 9-4 without break , the lecturers had intention of letting us go a half one but some students kept asking questions.
Also the fight for the thumb printing machine was appalling, there is something wrong with Nigerians when it comes to queuing , every one wants to go at the same time which makes the long process a lot more worse that it should be,

I think its finally settling in that I'm in law school so I'm starting to get my act together, did not open a page during the Christmas break.

I bought most of my text books and some statutes last week , the size of some are quite scary. Agaba for Criminal Litigation made me question why I choose to study law. I always question why every time shii gets serious.

Nothing special happened on Monday expect arguing with a grown man about the seat I saved for my seat mates, we have a pact that who ever is the first to come in must save seats for the other two. The dude came and started arguing choose to sit in the seat I saved then some random girl decided to butt telling me I could not save seats.

He ended up sitting in the seat I saved for my friend and we just gave them nasty looks for the rest of the day.
 We had another argument on Tuesday which led to me putting in my earphones in order to ignore him, Uncle is not worth getting a query ( system used in law school when you break the rules or where it is seems students are not acting fit and proper you are issued a query, get three and you are out).More students are coming in which means if you do not come in early enough there is a random person in your seat.

Nothing special really happened, we were in corporate till past six on Thursday, I lost interest around four decided to go home but didn't want to miss attendance for the day so I chilled till class was over and drove home like a manic.

Make up classes start in week nine for students who registered late, the classes are going to run for six week from three to six. We also have Corporate law on Saturdays from twelve to four so anyone who wants to attend are welcome since its the most complicated one.
I typed this up since the start of last week but internet has been messing. I put money on my smile so that should  be fine for the next few days.
Week nine coming up soon.
Hope I didn't bore you ?


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  1. Hello, and hope the years is off to a great start for you. Nice to see you are progressing with studies, have a nice weekend. Warm greetings!