Monday, 19 December 2016

Week 6

It's the sixth week of Law school but my second week. I attended my first law dinner and also wrote my first surprise "Snap Test" which are given randomly to snap your brain .

I finished registration on Wednesday and was told there was a possibility I would be dinning the next day, the school has set ground rules student have to comply with in order to dine.
*Court shoes or flats , no patents or suede's allowed just leather, no bows or designs of any sort. Males had to wear shoes with soles.
*Suits: Skirts, white shirt , black dress and blazer for females and trousers for males. No skinny ties allowed.
*Females had to be on their natural hair, no weaves, braids or plaits allowed. No nails or eyelashes and small stud earrings.

Those who didn't comply with the rules were sent back to change, people were told to cut their nails, remove the designs on shoes. Some had to take of their false lashes.
I fixed my nails on Sunday and really gutted I had to dissolve them after three days. I had to borrow a blazer that was too small to button and shoes that were two sizes bigger than my feet.
Dinner was a three course meal with chicken pepper soup as starter, fried rice, coleslaw, moi moi and chicken for main then ice cream for dessert. The food wasn't bad , would give them a 6/10.
Members of the Body of Benchers were also present at the dinner, a lot of people who came late didn't get seats so they have to wait until next year in order to dine.

I decided to take Friday off but that only lasted an hour before my seat partner called to tell me the lecturer announced we have a snap test in the next hour and attendance was mandatory. I got ready as fast as I could and got to VI before it started. We were having a mentoring session with the set of 1991 before the test and it was great hearing from people who took the Bar Exam before I was born.

The test was for all five courses lasting three hours, I am yet to attend Ethics lecture but I was able to attempt most of the questions, Property was the best . We had small chops and cocktails after the exam courtesy of the alumni.
We are currently on break for Christmas until January, I'm off to Dublin in  a few days.


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