Monday, 12 December 2016

Bar II

I survived my first week on the Lagos Campus, It was a lot of stress but I pulled through.
Lectures started four weeks ago but I had issues with my admission due to people in ICT, I missed out on the background stuff but should be able to catch up .
Bar II is completely different from Bar I first thing is I'm in the Lagos campus where they are much more stricter than Abuja.

I decided to stay in Lagos due to the proximity to my house and the boo also lives in Lagos .
In Abuja female students were allowed wear black on black but that'ts not the case in  Lagos, it was either white on black, black dresses or go back home to change. I got in trouble on my first day because my shirt had ruffles and I was wearing suede shoes, I smiled my way out of it,
It took me over an hour to drive to VI from my house which is on the mainland and there was no way I was driving back home.

The timetable for class is nine am to one thirty pm, with a thirty minute break at eleven,however that's not the case in Lagos , classes start at nine am and ends when the lecturer decides it ends. Sometimes we go from  nine to two without breaks. Earliest we finish is two and the latest we finished has been five. We were told "this is the Lagos Campus, this is how we achieve great results every year, if you are not okay with it feel free to transfer to any of the other campuses, but in Lagos be ready to be stressed".

You also have assigned seats, you have to sit with your groups but a lot of people sit where they want.
The lecturers are really good when it comes to interacting , but you have to be on your A game because they can randomly call out your student number to answer a question, If you pretend you didn't hear they have a copy of the register and call out your name. Failure to reply leads to a "hot query" as they call it and no one wants a query.


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