Thursday, 4 August 2016

Few are roaming.

Hi baby, I just got called  about a meeting in Abuja and I have to get there tonight, heading home to pack, sorry I’m missing your sisters engagement tell Seun we will do full turn up for her white wedding…
Toun hit the send button and waited for her husband’s reply.
“Baba please find somewhere to make a U-turn “, she said to the grey haired driver who Yele employed to relive her of the stress of driving  three weeks after their wedding. 
“Head to the mainland we are going to Yaba ’, she informed still staring at her phone.
The driver looked at her from the rear view mirror with pity in his eyes, but she was too far away to notice, he knew what was happening and prayed she told her husband before it ruins their marriage.
Toun looked out the window as the car sped past others on the Third Mainland Bridge, the view of the sea started to blur as her voices in her head increased, she tried to stay calm while the driver glanced at her as much as he could to make sure she was fine.