Sunday, 17 July 2016

Story so far

Hi guys,
Sorry I've been MIA. I've made several attempts to post but my Internet as been acting up and my phone is not connecting to the laptop so I'm going to post from my phone.
Law school has been a new experience, first I moved to the hostel so no more driving to Bwari from  town everyday my bank account is glad. At first I felt some how about my roommates but they cool as f#*# so happy days.

The hostel is alright would give them a 6/10 the rooms are cosy nothing spectacular, beds,study table, lockers and a bathroom and toilet at the back to be shared with the occupants of the next room. Meaning four to six people sharing depending on how many is in a room. 
There is no running water so you have to fetch water from the tap but there are people available to help out all you do is pay them and they are at your service. You rent a drum to store water for 1,500 and they fill is up with water for 300 at a go. Sometimes you can negotiate a monthly agreement which can include fetching water, laundry and cleaning services.
The water is cold so having your shower in the morning is a struggle if you are not used to cold shower. I brought my electric kettle from home but no light In the mornings so I'm stuck with cold showers it's been two weeks since I moved to the hostel and I'm still struggling.
The generator stays on till one am, I'm not exactly sure when they turn it on but you have enough time to charge your phone and other appliances.
We are not allowed to cook in the hostel so mami market to the rescue the food is very cheap but can be very unfriendly to the stomach at times.

Lectures are ok I guess, some interesting and other boring as hell. We do a lot of presentations which takes up a lot of time and people tend to ask very stupid questions and one can  only wonder how they made it to law school.
They are very strict with the uniform and I've seen a lot of people get turned back at the door. I keep it simple with white shirts and blacks skirts to avoid embarrassments and the long walk back to the hostel.
That's all I can think of for now, will keep you posted once more creeps up.

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