Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hi Guys,
I'm you are all tired of my apologies. The network in Bwari is pretty crappy and based on the way my account is set up my smile is currently not available therefore using my phone as hotspot can be a pain in the ass.
Typing a post with my phone is equally as bad.
I'm slept quite early which is why I'm awake now, 1:20AM  so why not update my amazing readers on my law school experience.

I'm fully settled in at this stage, I've had my first been broke and living on a budget on campus experience. We are half way through our course at this stage and all I can say is education in Nigeria is not as bad as I imagined, the lecturers are really good when it comes to interacting with the students and delivering the topics.
I still have a problem with the presentations but its getting better as the days go by . My favourite module as always is Criminal although I hate the history and introduction, I find it very easy to understand and its quite similar to what I learned in Dublin which is also the same requirements as the UK. I will do a separate post on modules. Hopefully!!!

I have a steady routine which includes waking up latest 7:40 every morning thanks to my room mate who is a morning person, sometimes earlier to attend fitness class by 5:30. Getting to class before 9, lectures end by 1pm sometimes I nap after then have my lunch or vice versa. I try to study for at least 3 hours 4 times a week, for those of you who frequent my blog that's a huge step us from my usual wait till the exams is around the corner and cram approach.


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