Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hi Guys,
I'm you are all tired of my apologies. The network in Bwari is pretty crappy and based on the way my account is set up my smile is currently not available therefore using my phone as hotspot can be a pain in the ass.
Typing a post with my phone is equally as bad.
I'm slept quite early which is why I'm awake now, 1:20AM  so why not update my amazing readers on my law school experience.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Story so far

Hi guys,
Sorry I've been MIA. I've made several attempts to post but my Internet as been acting up and my phone is not connecting to the laptop so I'm going to post from my phone.
Law school has been a new experience, first I moved to the hostel so no more driving to Bwari from  town everyday my bank account is glad. At first I felt some how about my roommates but they cool as f#*# so happy days.