Thursday, 7 April 2016

Final Exams.

My final exams are creeping up and I'm stressed to the max, stressed and calm at the same don't know if that makes sense but that's how I feel. I've spent more time in the library this semester than I have since I started university.
This year has been very emotional, I had one of my mood swings last and I was like " screw it" . I picked up a new book and read my sorrows away.
I started reading my first novel ' The second Chance by Nyegi Koin' which I got as a 10th birthday present from my 6th class teacher who was also my private tutor. It has been almost thirteen years since I got and the book seems to remind me of how old I'm getting and how I'm yet to achieve anything .

Law school application is finally online, I've completed my online application and hopefully, If everything goes according to plan I should start law school this summer. Their  requirements are a bit annoying but I'm trying my best to get everything together before the end date.
I have four exams starting on the 23rd of April and finishing on the 6th of May evidence been the worst one with a compulsory question carrying fifty percent of the seventy-five for the entire exam. I also have the lecturer I had for constitution, which I failed in third year and had to repeat, he tells me how I'm very capable and lack precision , he can be an A-hole at times, but I guess that's what been a lonely old man does to you.

 For the first time I'm ahead when it comes to studying and I also have my topics, legislation and cases picked up.
Admin is going to be another difficult one, as easy as it is I don't attend the lectures, I'm looking forward to commercial my favorite module.
If everything goes according to plan I should be in Lagos be in Lagos a few weeks before law school.

I do apologise for my unexplained absence, I made several attempts to write posts but I lose focus after the first line.



  1. Best of luck with your exams LD and for the future.

    Like how you life your life on the outside and it all seems very sincere