Friday, 1 January 2016

12 HOURS TILL 2016

Happy new year guys, hope this new year comes with blessings.
I had a very long new year's eve, not my traditional new years eve but a good one, I decided to go see my friend in Liverpool since I was in London and I didn't see him in a few weeks. Ticket booked Leave at 12:07 and return with the 18:47 train to be back in time to pray for crossover.

This trip was planned in less than ten hours since spontaneous worked for us and planning seems to mess thing up its better without the planning and excitement.
I got to the train station thirty minutes early, myself and bestie have a history of missing trains but I had it all planned out, the train ride was smooth and I was hoping to catch up on sleep during the ride since I didn't sleep all night. Thanks, Insomnia!!!

There were three deaf people on the train, it was weird hearing them talk even thought they used sign language, their speech was slurred and they were really loud.
Weird right?
Noisy deaf people, I was surprised and I found myself pausing my music to listen to them.

Forty minutes before we arrived at out destination the loudest one started up a conversation with me and the person beside me, she was really funny, next thing I knew I was putting my phone and earphones in my bag having a proper conversation with a deaf lady with hearing aid without the use of sign language.
Amazing right? The smallest things in the world fascinate me.

She made jokes about ' Going back and never going black' and how she was seeing a black guy but his package was too big, her facial expressions were out of this world and she has nasty jokes. Next thing I knew I was playing UNO with 4 strangers I didn't even say Hi to when I got on the train, to make things interesting we had to take shots of wine from the bottle after certain cards were dropped.

 I previously watched in disgust as they back washed into the wine bottle, I silently prayed not to get power cards, before I knew it I was taking shots of back washed wine, the rest of the ride was great fun and I wished she talked to me earlier, but she said I looked like a snob and didn't know how I would react. I'm not the type of person to make the first move, but once that move is made we get along well.

We took selfies, but I was too shy to take pictures, we added each other up on facebook and parted ways.
I smiled till I met up with bestie and chilled for a few hours, we left the house thirty-seven minutes before the train was due and two minutes before we got to the station he took a wrong turn and that was the beginning of several wrong turns.
 I ended up missing my train , the next train was going to take four hours since he was going to Leeds to spend time with his family I decided to get the train from there so I could get home early, turned out the train from Leeds would take twelve hours, so we started looking for other stations. I ended up getting the train from Aston Bridge to Birmingham to Northampton to Euston which took four hours and twenty-one minutes a two-hour journey doubled because of a wrong turn. He drove like a man to get me to the station.

I was getting scarred few hours to a new year and this is happening.
What was meant to happen?
We got to the station a minute before the train was due, I ran faster than Usain Bolt, yes my 90kg+ body can run when it's necessary.
I met another on the bus who missed the train and had to make the same journey I did, turned out she didn't have enough money to get a new ticket. I was more than happy to part with my last ten pounds. She was really happy, she blessed the money and prayed turned out she was a gospel singer.
I lost her in Birmingham but ended up on the same train with her in Euston, her face lit up when she saw me, It felt great seeing her smile.

I was on the train when the clock struck twelve, with drunk strangers shouting happy new year and shaking hands, but I was happy to be alive, this was a complete change to my stay at home during the cross over surrounded by your loved ones.
I have a mental new years resolution but since I never follow them, I'm saying F it. Let's see what 2016 has in stock without expecting too much.
How was your New Year Eve?
Do you have any New Years traditions?
Happy New Year!!!!


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