Monday, 5 October 2015

Readers!!!! Where are thou ?

Where did all my readers go?
This is not a rant but a plea for my readers to come back, I know it's a bit weird expecting you to all sit waiting for me to randomly pop up after one of reoccurring acts of disappearance. I'm back  but there is no one to welcome me back which is quite sad, but I guess I have to win you all back.

I finally got my mojo back, I was on fire in Equity this morning, I found myself answering questions I didn't even know I could since I found myself daydreaming during the last two weeks of lectures. Guess something was going in after all.  The assignments for the year are starting to pile up, so I need a decent study and assignment schedules to guide me during the year.
Usually I went with the flow but look where that led me, I should be in Law School right now but hey it happens not to everyone but it happened to me.

I am obese, very overweight for my height, now I have cellulite, EWWWWWW, so I'm joining the gym its 5 minutes away from my school, most of my lectures do not start until the afternoon but I am still trying to decide if it is  a good idea to work out before 6 hours lectures. I really need to get my sexy back, for the first time in my life I am actually calling myself fat. HELP!!!!!

Readers, please come back, I would dig for gist listen in on the conversations in Uni just to get you guys back. I'm just kidding, actually I'm a bit serious.

Oh yeah so I had a fall out with my best mate last night, he made a comment about my weight which was funny, it was a good comeback and my immediate reply was to call him a B***h.  I didn't mean anything by it, was just the first thing that popped into my head and he took it so serious he has been ignoring me since. I know it is not ladylike to curse and he complains about it every now and again. He is a very stubborn person so I have to do a lot of begging, but I think he is over  reacting a little.


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