Saturday, 31 October 2015

Racism ?

I refuse to accept the fact that I didn't get a job because I am black or the company didn't call be back because my name is too difficult to pronounce, I've had friends who got jobs after they put their English names on their CV instead of their traditional names.
This post is has nothing to do with getting Jobs, I do not understand how people can still be racist in this day and age especially immigrants, how can you be racist to me when it's not even your country. I give the Irish people the benefit of the doubt when I feel they are been rude or racist because they might feel threatened, but If you are from another country we are both immigrants and the only difference is the colour of our skin.

I have a friend who was posted to Dublin from the UK for a year, the guy has been going on about how he wanted to try Guinness and didn't know where to go so I promised to take him out for a few pints. There is a lounge/pub a few minutes from my uni and I walked past it almost every day on my way to lectures but never really paid attention since sitting in a pub is not something I would do. I notice an  "over 21's only, I'D maybe required" sign outside most places did that to keep young people away.

The guy showed up and whilst we were walking he told me he forgot his Id and this guy is 5 years older than I am, so we stepped aside when we got there trying to decide what to do.
'Let's just go in', I said.
The second we got to the door the bouncer moved closer shook his head and said ' Not today guys', .
That was the only thing he said and my friend wanted to give him the you are been racist talk, but I told him to let it go, throughout the walk to another pub all he did was complain about how hurt he was by the guys statement and felt he was been racist. The bouncer didn't have a reason for  not letting us in, the place was not packed, there was no queue outside, were both dressed properly. I was in my regular uni  kit, skinny jeans, a t-shirt and blazer and my friend was coming from work.
When we got to the other bar, he didn't stop complaining, we were the only black people there and people sort of looked at us weird.

It been years since I had an encounter with a racist, I tend to ignore people when they are going down that path, my mums excuse for everything that goes wrong is they are been racist even though she tells us not to date outside our tribe or warms my younger ones not to mingle too much with white kids.

I went clubbing last night and I am still knackered, it's nice getting to see people u barely see and everyone on the dancefloor together but then it's annoying to see kids I left in secondary school or people you know are a lot older than you are. I personally feel when you are over a certain age you should not go clubbing, every now and again but not every weekend. I do not know how people do the turn up every weekend thing.

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  1. Racism is a nasty thing to encounter. Shame to those who perpetrate it, and to those who turn a blind eye to it.
    But, we must not shift the blame to racism when in fact it is the individual's inferiority complex that was revealed.