Saturday, 27 June 2015

Entry 1 : Story so far.

Hi guy,  hope you are all good?
Sorry I've been away for so long, I've been in Lagos for about three weeks and it's been hectic, running errands for my dad and trying to get clients for his printing company, so I'm basically driving around all day. Lagos has been good to me so far, I got my own apartment, actually let's say Daddy gave me an apartment in the building and believe me when I say I did not expect it. 

The plan was to take the penthouse when I move back home next year , but when I came home my cousins had taken over my room so I slept in my brother's spare room for two nights till he needed it and after staying up all night in the T.V room fighting with mosquito and almost turning into unspiced kilishi because the generator could not power the air conditioner in the T.V room as it was too big, it was hot.
After that night I had enough so I complained to the boss man so he handed me the keys , every disappointment is a blessing , I went from having a room in  my parents apartment to having my own 3 bedroom apartment , I can  close my door when I want and refuse to open when I feel like it. 

For now my room and kitchen  are the main focus since my mum is presently using my T.V room and one of the other rooms as a store , so will let her rent it till I'm ready to move back home full time. 

It's such a huge responsibility having your own place you  can design to your own taste,  It has been a fun and expensive experience, but I'm loving it. I'm going to buy some paintings next week to hang up and I just can't wait. 
The rain has been crazy, my car got damaged while I was out in the rain and it was not fun, water entered while i was out running errands and got caught in a flood on Ikorodu road , I also got a flat and drove all the way to Ebute Metta with a it.

Okada, Keke Napep and Danfo  drivers are driving me insane , my car got  a new paint job before I came home and now it doesnt even look like it did , scrathes everywhere, in some places i cnt even imagine how it happened, I'm not saying i'm the best driver but those people need their own lane abeg. 

I'm also learning new routes and shocuts, one a normal day If was at Lere and I wanted to go to Yaba, I would go back home through Costain then linking Sabo from Adekunle , or If i was at the Salon in Akoka and wanted to go to Shoprite, I would turn at Fadeyi then follow the Yaba road linking either the Eko bridge or Costain depending on the traffic  , but now I found out about Ojuelebga.

I will try and keep you guys posted, i've tried to blog a few times but since I'm connecting to the hotspot on my phone, its been very hard to connect to the internet, but the connection is a lot better in the morning, I will type up my entries in the morning until i can afford one of those internet thingys everyone carries about.

Please how does one deal with an annoying step brother who is about 15 years older or more ?
Guy owes me money and I still do not disrespect him beacuse of that, but he hasn't talked to me for over a week, yesterday monring he asked if I could get his passport since I had the keys to my dad's room as he was away and I knew where it was, but I refused as he had not talked to me for so long and he had no right to order me about.
So I got my other brothers own and refused to get his, so he called my dad and I explained to the man, but he told me to give it to him, so I said I will when I waas ready . I took my time to get it , talked to everyone in the compound before going upstairs, got my shower, shaved all the necessary bits, excuse me if that is TMI but what the point of my blog if I cannot go into details. Anyway i took my time, did full face makeup , guy could not call or ping me to ask for it, so he got my other brother to call , after the first call I ignored and went dowstairs in my own time and gave it to him. Guy did not even say thank you and went about ignoring me again.
Married men will not let me rest, il save  that for the  next entry.
 That is all for now. 
Until Next time,