Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Act of Indecent Dressing.

I've always wondered how women can walk around looking almost naked yet feeling comfortable with it.
I've never been one for going out with skimpy clothes, I do have some skirts and dresses that are above the knees, but they stay unworn in the back of the wardrobe, I wore a very questionable leather peplum to the beach and I felt very uncomfortable, had to pull it down ever time I stood up , and when It was my turn to go get drinks my brothers friend took a look at me and told me to sit down.
 I was embarrassed, but I turned a lot of heads, when we switched locations to Waterside I had a guy wait for me outside the toilet since he couldn't approach me in from of the two intimidating men I was with.
He offered to take me out clubbing and I blamed it on the skirt because I was dressed like I belonged in a club.

 'Hello, I hate clubbing, sweaty people, drunk people, pervy guys looking to score, Hell No' !!!

Would my opinion be different about revealing clothes If I was a size 10? I think so.
I doubt if I would be able to squeeze my now size 16 body into a crop top, bearing the bulging belly and love handles ewwww no.
Or putting my thunder thighs is chicken fillet shorts, chicken fillet short is what I call extra short shorts as the always leave a bit of booty meat handing out like chicken fillets.
I did buy one a few months ago and I will never wear it past the door of my bedroom, first time I put it on I felt it wasn't bad, but ten minutes later when the denim was sinking into my bum crack, I decided chicken fillet shorts was not for me.

Most people don't know I'm a coded tomboy jeans, t-shirts and male shirts all the way, I feel comfortable in them, and I would never trade them for anything in the world well for now. Maybe when I get rid of the fat and I get the opportunity of having toned cellulite-free thighs and a belly like Queen B I will also feel comfortable wearing all sorts of rubbish labelled clothing's.

I've noticed some ladies who are the same size as I am or larger wearing crop top, bandeau, leggings, shorts. But hey who am I to judge? People can wear whatever the feel comfortable in, just because I would not wear them doesn't mean others should not , but some of them look ridiculous as seen on Instagram, I shall not name and shame, it's not my policy.

I sometimes ask the question, Does dressing indecent make you less of a woman or does it reduce your value as a woman?
I have a friend who loves her skimpy clothes, yet she is happily married with a daughter and a husband who loves and respects her yet they are women who look down on women dressed the way she does struggling to go on dates.
Phaedra Parks calls herself a southern belle and a pastor's daughter yet she wears some outfits she should not be wearing.
I think a way a lady dresses is personal and a woman should be able to wear what she what she wants without having people judge them, once what you are wearing is right for you size and figure.

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