Wednesday, 20 May 2015

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You remembered the day you brought your favourite book a few months ago, after a long day at work you didn't want to go to an empty house, DSTV was not interesting enough for you and you didn't like watching T.V. 'I like been in control of what In watch', you tell people. 
Since the internet was too slow to watch a show online, you decided to get a slice of red velvet from Cakes & Cream, the Lere branch is the only one you know and it's closer to the house. 

On getting there you found out it was closed, Shoprite was the next option all you wanted was cake and at that stage you didn't care what type or where it came from you just wanted cake. You squeezed past eager shoppers and posers, pointed at what you want, paid and left. 

On you way out you looked at the stores until you saw it, a smile appeared on you face when you saw it, a bookshop that should change the mood, you walked in and looked through the first shelve, you were welcomed by familiar authors and novels.
 Then you remember a book you had been searching for and you immediately asked a staff 'Daughters Who Walk This Path, he walked to one of the shelves and handed you the novel, you have just the right amount to pay for it. 
 On getting home you got everything ready, no interruptions, only a toilet break was allowed, but that wasn't really a break since you brought the book along with you. 

It was better than you imagined, hot tears poured from you eyes as you flipped through each page and when you thought it was over more flowed freely. 
You  understood what the protagonist went through, you had been through the same things, the feeling of not been able to tell anyone, the fear, but yours was different, she was able to confide in someone after a while, you couldn't.
 You carried the dark cloud everywhere you went, it affected you so much, you didn't know it would have such an impact, it still affects you. People who it happened two stayed away from men but yours was different. You cannot count how many times it happened, but it did a lot. 
Yesterday a friend asked about you first time, you laughed it off, you were not in the mood to make up a fake story or imagine how you wanted it to be in your head and play it out for her, so you just ignored. 


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  1. Wow, really sad post. Did you really go through all that? I am so sorry to hear that, and it must still haunt deeply. Hope you were able to find closure, and wish you strength always.