Thursday, 7 May 2015

Exam Over.

Remember that exam I failed?
 I wrote the paper yesterday and It was hands down the best paper I've ever sat in uni. You know that feeling when you get your paper and you turn over the pages and you just can't stop smiling ? Well that was how I felt yesterday, after I was handed the questions, I read through the six questions and picked the four I knew very well , I was very confident on three and was skeptical about the fourth one.

After picking the questioned, I made bullet points of the main arguments, cases, and legislation for each question, I am very confident I passed the exam based on how I answered the questions, I filled up thirteen pages out of a fifteen page answer book but then its quality over quantity and my answers did not lack either.

I was in the exam hall for the three hours of the exam, I never stay that long in an exam hall, once I'm done I'm done, but I used every second wisely and I'm glad I did.
 The devil is a liar, the night before my exam one of the notes I prepared went missing and been the type of person I am , I didn't start studying till the week before , I was familiar with the topic so I left it out and focused on the ones I didn't attend their lectures. I started to panic, but I made bullet points on cases and got to uni early enough to print new notes get important points into my head so I can make the points into an essay and it worked . YAY!!!!

Just thought I should share with you guys since I whined about failing on the blog.

Untl next time,

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  1. Wishing you all the very best, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors!