Monday, 13 April 2015

Been the other woman : Part 2

You sent him a quick thank you message after you got his number which he replied after a few minutes, then he sent another message thanking you and you replied, once again you forgot about him until he called you a few days later.

You were on a date when he called and you couldn't decide if you should pick up or not, you had picked a call which pissed of you date , you picked up any way , you didn't care how he feels. 
What thirty-two year old man wear shoes with skulls and bones accompanied with distressed jeans and a stone washed shirt with a bedazzled  skull on the back ? EWWWWWWWW!!!!!

You picked up the call since you didn't recognise the number, you knew who is was the minute you heard one of your names, the one family members or people close to the family call you, your oriki ' Praise Poetry' he made it sound so sexy.

You told him you would call him call, hung up stored his number and proceeded to add him on Whatsapp, you told him you were on a date and he asked what type of men you are attracted to, " Definitely not the one I'm on a date with " you replied. 
 The conversation went on , he started asking personal questions and your naive side kicked in, you knew there was a girl in the picture but you answered because he was a really nice person, you didn't see any thing wrong with your conversations until he mentioned how much you both had in common yet you waved it away. 

He asked you to go to the beach with him since you both like the atmosphere at the beach, not the sunday night Elegushi loud music , half naked people atmosphere but the week day or week night empty beach atmosphere. But you declined , it was a week day and rush hour, Ozumba traffic is a bitch and you were not in the mood to sit in traffic . especially not with the bad air condition you car had. He agreed.

You continued you chats, but no phone calls, until after  you turned on you phone and got a message from him saying he had been trying your number, you replied and he called back after some minutes. 
After talking on the phone for about an hour, he asked if you would like to got to the beach , you looked at your time 8:00, you agreed, his car was bad so you agreed to pick him up at Costain.

You changed from for work clothes to a mini dress and slippers, took some money out of the draw, vex money is a must,Lagos men cannot be trusted, you've had enough bad dates , one guy stepped back when it was time to pay to 1k Coldstone ice cream another mentioned you had more money that he did so you should pay for your food.
Once bitten twice shy.

Once you were ready you went downstairs to find someone to accompany you , your sight at night is not its best, then he started acting like a fool, you opened the gate.
A container was parked outside the gate. Lobaton!!!!! Its all over.
You asked how long before its moved , the driver started arguing with some of the guys 9:00 you wanted to call him to cancel but the he was already on his way.

The container started to move , you waited till it got to the junction then and you headed towards Costain, he was waiting, once he got into car. Lord he smells so nice , he complemented your perfume, you both talked about your choice in music trying to decide who was better Asa V Brymo .

Destination : Vantage AKA Leisure Lake on a Wednesday night , you eyes brought you as far as the marina, quick driver  change, with some one else driving you were able to talk to him more, you chatted till you got to the toll gate , he paid well its just 120 naira , omo some guys will bone face, its happened before , then you decided not to go on dates with guys who will be passengers in your car.
Vantage was closed. Destination: Elegushi , wrong entrance, another turn.
Yay!!! Beach !!! Sand NOOO!!!
Weird right, I love the beach but the sand can get annoying at time especially when you are wearing new TT Dalk slippers.
He held your hand the once you got out of the car.
Ghen Ghen !!
Strike 1 !


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