Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm Back.

Hi guys,
I know I've been away for so long and I have no reasonable excuse for not posting. As some of
you know I'm not in college this year so I have a lot of time on my hands, I tried getting a job and the one I was offered was not good enough. I spent eight hours on my 21st birthday in the kitchen of an otel , not eating meals a sexy chef was making or acting out some fantasy but washing plates.

 Yes I repeat, washing plates!!.
Plates would have been al-right but I had to wash every kitchen equipments, pots, pans, oven trays you name it, at the end of the eight hour shift my back was sore and my hand looked so different, you know how your hand gets after its been in water for way too long.
So I decided the job was not for me, I didn't go back the day after, but  I did enjoy my birthday.

I turned 21 on the 1st of December 2014 and my mum was nice enough to have a dinner get together for me and my friends, considering the fact that  I was ignoring her and not talking to her. Yoruba parents can be so annoying at times and I think when God created the committee of annoying mothers she was first in line so she was granted the position of worlds most frustrating mother but I love her all the same.

This post is not a rant about my mother, as a matter a fact I really don't know what its about, but back to where I stopped on the first paragraph. Since I had a lot of time on my hand , pops called and told me to come help him out at home, since his wife was away, the maids were gone and his stock in the freezer was slowly decreasing . I took the offer without thinking and was on the plane to Lagos in no time with two boxes full of all what my mother  could put together since I cleared out my wardrobe and had nothing but jumpers left .
My mother can pack, choii.!

I watched as she folded, rolled , squeezed and stuffed things in different angles of the box and imagined how much fun I was going to have back home. I was looking forward to every thing most especially the new guy I was talking to, a military officer Yes Lord!!!

Ah well things didn't go as planned. I spent three months in Lagos cooking for my dad, working with him , which involves sitting in a booth at Marina car park and handing out to tickets to the most annoying and impatient people I've ever met.

Nigerians can vex sha, no chill button what so ever.

 Also going to companies to look for clients, the rest of my free times I spent reading novels , eating red velvet, going to the beach, meeting new people some better than others, going to parties every now and again and also some activities I'd rather not share on the blog.
And I drove too, Omg .
Remember my rant about driving in Abuja?
I will  leave the rant out this time , all I can say is that the little bit of sanity I had left has been distributed all over the roads in Lagos, and that 3rd mainland bridge is so scary, but I made it out alive and I cant wait to go back.
More stories about my trip coming soon.
I hope that sums it all up and at least give you all a reason to come back.
My first time tying gele.  
Some of the books I read while I was home, I purchase my books from a book store at the Adeniran Ogunsanya mall in Lere, its called Patabah, their prices are reasonable.

That's all for now,
Until next time,

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