Monday, 1 September 2014


Its 7am I can't sleep the insomnia is back, WTF is wrong with me, I've not stepped out the door for five days been holed up in my house for almost a week not doing anything reasonable well except for catching up on series and stuffing my face.
My routine consists of waking up when ever I want or by a phone call, getting ready brushing, shower and back in bed I go, getting up to get food or to got to the bathroom , I've been doing this for the last three weeks and Its not healthy, I have nothing better to do and I'm not motivated to do anything or I just cant be arsed but which ever one it is it all needs to stop because its driving me nuts.

I feel trapped !!!
I have so many bright ideas.
I wrote so many stories in my head, but I find it hard to put pen to paper or even do a blog post.
I'm lost.
Is this okay ?
Is it normal?
My faith is at an all time low, I can't even cry out to God for help, I just cant be bothered.
I cannot do this any longer.
I need change, something different.

Hope you are all well ? And Happy New Month.



  1. I'm sorry to hear you are in such an Un-motivated place at the moment. Think of it as a phase - it too shall pass.
    Even though you have nowhere to go, still get dressed and go somewhere, alone if you must. The longer you re caught up in your own thoughts alone, all by yourself, the more paranoid you'll become.
    Also have a change of environment if you can. Visit a cousin, friend, or just go somewhere you know no one.
    It is a phase, and I'm sure you'll pull through it soon
    All the best, dear.

    1. Thank you, yes I'm getting out of the house these days, so I keep myself busy, by doing that my mind does not drift to places it shouldn't.
      Your comment is really appreciated.

  2. You will be fine doll, e_hugs to you.
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