Sunday, 17 August 2014

Male Gold diggers?

I was bored out of my head so I decided to check out blogs , from blog stalking I ended up watching Toke Makinwa's vlogs and I don't understand why people diss her she is so funny and most of the the topics she discussed hit home.

One of the videos I watched was on ' Male gold diggers' and I just find it hard that men can rely on females for thing, but that reminded me of a  few encounters I've had .

Few months ago I followed this dude on Instagram, he is a barrister and did not hesitate to flaunt it , me been a confused law student , I decided to follow him and dropped a few comments asking questions. Immediately he didn't hesitate to drop his pin, and we got talking on bbm , but that wasn't enough he wanted my number so he could call and that was when I started suspecting.
The first question he asked was for my surname, who my father was , what he did and where I lived in Abuja and once he got all the right answers he was super nice, asked for my number again a few times but I'm not that much of a phone call person. A few days after talking this guy though it was okay to plan our future and say he wants to marry me and he was in love with me blah blah. Nah so love dey happen?
When he say I wasn't having it he stated having attitude and crap. Fast foward to two months ago , I was to do my internship at the firm he worked in as a corper not even an employee, I had a direct link with the firm but he didn't hesitate to tell people he told me about firm, but that didn't matter .
Once I hit him up that I was in town , he was fast to settle the fight we had as he is convinced 'I'm an arrogant bitch', he proceeded to invite himself to my house and asking when he will get to come see me.
Me been the paranoid person that I am I waved the invites and ignored him at the office and he proceeded to spread poison around the office which I'm not bothered about. He even proceeded to insult me and tell me I will not find a husband and should jump into the ocean when I refused to invest in his business or give him money. Shuooooooo!!!!

I know men who would rather sleep under a bridge than ask women for help.
Do male gold diggers actually exist ?
How can a man who is meant to be the provider for the family ask women for men and be totally comfortable with it?
Here is a link to the video

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  1. A thousand and one gold diggers exist, we ladies just have to be careful, we have to know whose hands to shake and whose to wave @