Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Centre of Unity.

Hey guys sorry I've been away, I was in Abuja doing my intern-ship and I must say it was a great experience learning about the Nigerian legal system .I also got to meet different types of people some not so great, at first I was expecting stuck up people in gowns and wigs but they were all very nice and accommodating.  

Unfortunately I didn't get to attend court as much as I wanted due to NIC been on strike and vacation but I got to do other things, a lot of Corporate Affairs Commission runs registering companies, which I spent most of the time sitting down due to the heat or feeling like prey, while the male predators started and the women shooting nasty glances. And I spent the rest following the barristers around like a loyal pet acting eager to learn and watched them jump queues or plead with civil servants.

Abuja also taught me road rage, people driving like Neanderthals not signalling when they want to change lanes, after purchasing the second side mirror one of which belongs to a police car 'Yikes' and scratching a colleagues car, I decided to join the craziness, running as many red lights as I could and I got away with and it felt great. Can't wait to move back !!!

Apart from feeling like a cast from 'Fast and Furious 7' I also visited the law school in Bwari where I learned I would have to take Bar I and Bar II for 18 months, I've spent the last 18 years of my life in school and just when I thought it was almost over another two years was added to the burden. This not including masters which I have decided to put off until after my NYSC and I am dreading that based on the experiences I've heard from colleagues.

I also got to see the town a little and all I can say is ' Goodbye Lagos' , except for the Boko Haram craziness, Abuja is tidy well most of the areas I've been to, nice roads, no traffic none lasting more than 10 minutes, the people are more nicer, too nice, I don't like putting on a smile and saying ' good morning' at 8'am or anything before 12 allow me to be grumpy. Any may I say they lack etiquettes not just people in Abuja but Nigerians in general, no waiting for people to out of the elevator before jumping in Lord I nearly slapped this woman, skipping queues and pretending nothing happened.

I really cant wait to move to there, but I'm not looking forward to paying double of what I pay in Lagos guess I have to make a few cutbacks.


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